Ah, Baseball. America's pastime. The start of October is a magical time of year, with the post-season in full swing. Whether your favorite team makes it or not, you're at the game or watching from home, the playoffs are an exciting time for baseball fans everywhere and are guaranteed to bring back memories of the ballpark, and all the snacks that come with it.

Some of my best memories are at Shea Stadium and later Citi Field, rooting for the home team with my dad and chowing down on some of the best stadium eats in the MLB. Ballparks across the country have upgraded their menus with some of the most innovative and outrageous foods out there, but the classics never fail to please a hungry crowd. 

That's one of the beauties about baseball: the time-honored traditions of the game. Played the same for over a hundred years, a true American classic. The game fills fans' hearts, and the ballpark food fills their stomachs. Here are the ten best snacks to enjoy at home while watching post-season games to make you feel like you're right there cheering on your hometown heroes.

1. Pigs in a Blanket

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Whether you love chowing down on Dodger Dogs or Fenway Franks, every stadium has their variation of this game day classic. Nothing beats a hot dog at the game, but when you're watching from your couch, these minis are a great option for the post-season munchies. 

2. Sliders

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Any Mets fan can relate to the ridiculous wait at Citi Field for a famous Shake Shack Burger. In some cases, you have to make the tough decision: wait all night in line for a burger, or actually watch the game. Luckily, when watching from your living room you can watch your game and have your burger too. Try this cheesy variation of the classic burger for a post-season snack sure to please.

3. Peanuts

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We all know the song, but peanuts seem to be a pretty underrated baseball snack. Skip the shells and opt for the honey roasted or salt and vinegar nuts for a healthier alternative to burgers, fries, and nachos (because post-season means winter, and winter means weight gain).

4. Cracker Jack

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Another snack flying under the radar is this classic from "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." The sweet-and-salty combo of caramel-coated popcorn and salted peanuts has earned this snack the slogan, "The More You Eat The More You Want." Better yet? It comes with a prize inside, (Naley reference anyone?) Feeling adventurous? Make your own chai-caramel corn for heaven in a bowl.

5. Nachos

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Almost every ballpark offers them, varying from your basic cheese sauce on corn chips in a plastic batting helmet to more gourmet variations. Whatever your style is, there are tons of options to recreate this favorite at home. 

6. Hot pretzels

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What's better than warm twists of dough the size of your head? Whether you prefer to drench yours in salt and spicy mustard, or are a bigger fan of those coated in cinnamon sugar, soft pretzels are sure to please when paired with an ice-cold beer. 

7. Beer

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Enjoy a ballpark classic Budweiser or Bud Light, or embrace all things October this post-season and swap your basic beer for a pumpkin ale. 

8. Cotton Candy

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A little throwback to all the times I would beg my dad for a bag full of sugar when the concession guy made his way through the stands. This sweet treat is a good balance to all the salty and savory ballpark eats available. Try this carnival staple in an icy drink, with this Starbucks Frap recipe. 

9. Chicken Fingers and Fries

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Arguably the best meal out there, and a go to on any menu. Baskets full of fingers and fries have become a staple at stadiums everywhere. They're usually more expensive than the clothes I'm wearing, but always worth the big bucks. Extra points if you eat them with those tiny plastic forks. 

10. Ice Cream

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It's hard to think of anything better than a batting helmet full of soft serve on a scorching hot summer day at the stadium. Granted, It will be melting and dripping down your arms by the time you reach your seat. Fill your favorite team's collectible helmet with whatever your freezer's got (or take this quiz), and dream of sunny afternoons at the ballpark.

Regardless of what team you're rooting for this post-season, we can all agree that baseball snacks are the best snacks, and there is nothing better than enjoying them while cheering on your favorite team. So grab a spot on the couch, flip on the game, chow down on your favorite snack (or all of them), and cheer your little heart out.