Whenever my friends and I are planning to eat out, there's only one website that we use to determine where to go: Yelp. Perhaps the most comprehensive and dependable review website, the site compiles yearly lists of the “Top 100 Places to Eat” including 2016, 2017, and 2018. So, here are the ten most popular cuisines in America, according to Yelpers and determined by rating, review quality, quantity, and statistical fluctuation.

1. Traditional American

bun, bacon, cheese, beef
Krizza Santucci

From cheeseburgers to reuben sandwiches to deep dish pizza, traditional American food is the most popular cuisine on its home turf by a long shot. But before you go to an "all-American" restaurant, maybe do some research to get some insight into if the food you're eating is really "all-American."

2. Middle Eastern

meat, vegetable, parsley, beef, pork, falafel, bread, mince
Becky Hughes

Halal is here, and it is dominating the food game. Food from the Middle East and North Africa has been steadily rising and is now ranked number two for the most popular cuisines among Yelpers. So, what happened to fried chicken? (Don't worry. Check out #3 below). Obviously no one tires of fried anything, because there is something called falafel.   

3. Southern 

chocolate, blueberry pie, tart, pie, cake, sweet, pastry, cherry pie, cherries, fresh pie, homemade pie
Julia Gilman

BBQ, fried chicken, corn bread, hot apple pie—I think you get the picture. As our #3 pick, Southern food, or better known as "soul food" or "comfort food," seems to be appreciated on more occasions than just Independence Day. So let’s not forget the biscuits and gravy, y'all. 

4. Mexican 

chili, tacos, beef, salsa
Becky Hughes

Mexican food, in all its forms, is one of the best types of food. Some of these versions range from Tex-Mex to Cal-Mex in California to whatever-Mex you can think of. Here is the difference between Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican cuisine. 

5. Italian 

spaghetti, pasta, basil, sauce, macaroni, vegetable
Shun Matsuhashi

With lasagna, spaghetti, and pizza such strong American food staples, you would expect Italian-American to be (perhaps) the most favored of the popular cuisinesNo amico mio. Italian has to share the spotlight in the top five with a few other superb choices. Yes, the top five. So siate felici—be happy, and enjoy all the carbs.

6. New American   

chicken, vegetable, meat, sauce, chicken breast
Michelle Rodriguez

Beginning in the 1980s, New American was created by mixing traditional American food with foreign tastes to create a fusion dish. Mainly served in upscale restaurants, New American combines anywhere from French to Asian to Mediterranean and so on. It proves that diversity is a strength, not a weakness.

7. Japanese

sushi, rice, fish, seafood, salmon, tuna
Spoon University

Although traditional Japanese dishes are often simpler than the Americanized versions, we love it anyway, especially since many Japanese restaurants fire-toss hibachi and roll sushi right in front of us. It's where eating meets entertainment. True Asian fusion right there.  

8. Greek 

meat, bread, gyro, sandwich, beef, vegetable, lettuce
Net Supatravanij

Personally, Greek food is one of my favorites. When I crave a gyro, there's nothing else that can quite satisfy it. But if you want to eat some amazing Greek foods that aren't gyros, try taramasalata, souvlaki, and moussaka. And, of course, let's not forget the baklava. Ever.

9. Hawaiian

seafood, rice, vegetable, fish
Spoon University

Want to eat a rainbow and have a healthy gut? Then go Hawaiian. I'm not sure why it took the last couple of years to become one of the most popular cuisines, but it seems now everyone wants either an açaí or poké bowl. And just when you thought these delectable dishes couldn't taste better, wait until you go to Hawaii to get a taste of the real stuff.

10. French 

croissant, pastry, butter, bread, sweet, dough, bun
Kristine Mahan

Every time I think of croissants (which could actually be considered an Austrian invention), I imagine myself at a café sipping a cappuccino in a beret and silk scarf. Although I'm prone to imaginings, what I'm really trying to say is that French = sophistication. Yelpers seem to appreciate the finer things in life as much as I do, given that French cuisine is #10 on our list.

Gail Rabasca

Hungry yet? Thought so. Take a note from your fellow Yelpers and look up some restaurants around you from one of these ten most popular cuisines, whether it be the classic all-American or something more exotic like Hawaiian. Your tastebuds can thank me later.