I survive and thrive on an IV drip of açaí, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that half of my posts feature açaí. This might just be me, but I genuinely feel lost without an açaí bowl within a 30-minute vicinity.

You may not be as addicted to açaí as I am, but if you're in the market for a bowl, you should get the best of the best. Here are the top açaí bowls in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, so you are never without your favorite basic treat again.

Alabama: Soul Bowlz

The shop is covered in beautiful splatter paint in order to create the perfect background for any food Insta. That's something to be soulful about. 

Alaska: Acai Alaska

This may be the only açaí shop in Alaska, but it's a good one. Their base blends are super unique, and they include original (with açaí, banana, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries), nutty heaven (açaí, banana, strawberries, and peanut butter), and Hawaiian blend (açaí, banana, and strawberries). 

Arizona: Nekter Juice Bar 

Nekter doesn't skimp on high-quality ingredients. This California juice bar tops their bowls with bee pollen, agave nectar, goji berries, cacao nibs, and more. 

Arkansas: Native Nectar Juice Co.

Native Nectar is connected to a spinning/barre studio, so you can make their açaí bowls the perfect post-exercise treat. 

California: Backyard Bowls

This bowl is a real crowd pleaser. With six signature açaí bowls and agave syrup for the vegans, anyone can get their dream bowl at Backyard Bowls. 

Colorado: Rush Bowls

Rush Bowl is the go-to bowl locale for CU-Boulder students. Stick with the OG Beach Bowl for some classic açaí, or branch out with an Apple Pie or PB&J Bowl.  

Connecticut: Organika Kitchen

Organika Kitchen in Southport, CT prides itself as a "plant-based kitchen" full of organic, vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free foods. Not only can you get a yummy bowl (and a killer Insta) at Organika, but you can also eat protein bowls, custom salads, and avocado toast. It's the best of both worlds.

Delaware: Nectar Cafe and Juice Bar

Nectar provides your perfect red, white, and blue açaí Insta for the Fourth of July. It's truly an American Dream. 

Florida: GreenLife Miami

If your anaconda don't want none unless it's got almond butter hun, then Greenlife is the place to be. They have a specialty Almond Butter Bowl full of the crunchy nut butter. 

Georgia: Kale Me Crazy

I'm 100% obsessed with these bowls. The unique shape is perfect for switching up your Insta feed, and their ingredients are super fresh and healthy.

Hawaii: Banán Bowl

Normal plastic bowls are totally overrated, eat your açaí bowl in a papaya boat. I also love that they swirl their açaí like soft serve. 

Idaho: Fresh Healthy Cafe

Coming to Boise this Spring, Fresh Healthy Cafe is upping the açaí game in Idaho. 

Illinois: JuiceRx

I value a quality bowl presentation, and JuiceRx prides itself in some beautiful bowls. It's the little things that make the biggest difference (especially if the little things make the Insta pop). 

Indiana: The Garden Table

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about this one. My brother goes to school in Indiana and said that there was zero açaí in the state, but that is quite false. I would honestly visit for the sole purpose of going to The Garden Table. Their açaí looks incredible, and they have some killer avo-toast. It's brunch goals

Iowa: Simple Superfood Cafe

Simple Superfood Cafe is your health oasis. It specializes in your favorite bowls and zoodles (noodles made with zucchini, carrots, beets, and other seasonal veggies).

Kansas: Enjoy pure food + drink

Enjoy pure food + drink specializes in healthy, clean foods in a community atmosphere. Everything about this place screams Pinterest and yoga vibe.

Kentucky: The Weekly Juicery

The Weekly Juicery does the Insta caption work for you with inventive names like Matcha Madness and Blue Suede Shoes. Never again will you have to think, "What will my caption be?" (cue vintage Chainsmokers "Selfie"). 

Louisiana: Merchant

You're not going to get a basic açaí bowl at Merchant, but its açaí chia pudding is worth the venture into the unknown. It's full of fiber and sweet berries, and it will change up your açaí aesthetic. 

Maine: Blake Orchard Juicery

If Madewell were to open a juice bar, it would be Blake Orchard Juicery. Alexandra Blak founded the juicery via Kickstarter, and she focused on healthy living, raw food, and nut milks, and she is giving off some major Gwyneth Paltrow vibes. 

Maryland: Pure Raw Juice Bar

Move over latte art, açaí hearts is the new food photography trend. Did you really even eat an açaí bowl if you didn't Instagram it? 

Massachusetts: JUGOS

I'm literally so proud to hail from a city with such quality açaí. The shop is TINY (literally the size of a college dorm), but what it lacks in size it makes up in flavor. JUGOS is also right next to the train station, so it's the perfect commuter snack. 

Michigan: Cafe Succo

This is literally the most aesthetic bowl I have ever seen. You will catch me eating açaí out of pineapples on my next beach vacation. 

Minnesota: Truce

I'm obsessed with Truce because they make their own nut butter, and all bowls can be topped with a big heaping of it. If you can't make it out to Minneapolis, you can order their almond butter bars online

Mississippi: N/A

You really hate to see it. Mississippi is severely lacking any true açaí bowl, but hopefully the trend will hit the state soon.

Missouri: Ruby Jean's Juicery 

Not only is Ruby Jean's ranked one of the Best in the Midwest by Feast Magazine, it also has an Insta full of body and health positivity. 

Montana: Green Source

This restaurant is so cool. They make their own Kombucha, Nitro Coffee, Ginger Brew, and (obviously) açaí bowls. I don't even know how to make a sandwich, so I'm impressed. 

Nebraska: High Vibe Cafe

According to Spoon's University of Nebraska - Lincoln chapter, High Vibe Cafe is the gold standard of açaí in the state. They offer mixed bowls with half pitaya and half açaí, so you can really get the best of both bowls. 

Nevada: Pressed for Juice

Trying to get swole? Seeking a full Brazilian? Look no further than Pressed for Juice, because their bowls are "Swole," "Full Brazilian," and more.

New Hampshire: Laney & Lu

Laney & Lu, from the exterior, is just a cozy cafe in Exeter, NH, but they elevate the health food game to the next level. Order the Bee-you-tiful Smoothie Bowl for a perfect mixture of blueberries, açaí, bananas, maca, spirulina, chlorella, almond milk, and loads of fruity and nutty toppings. 

New Jersey: Playa Bowls

ice, ice cream, cream, chocolate
Lindsay Brooke

They have a Nutella Açaí Bowl. Need I say more? I am sold.

New Mexico: Modern General

Modern General is just what it sounds like: a Western general store with a modern twist. In addition to juice bowls, Modern General also sells household goods, grains, fresh eggs, and more.

New York: Juice Generation

With locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Westchester, Juice Generation is the foremost açaí bowl brand in the Empire State. Order the Aloha Açaí for your basic bowl or the Hello Good Greens for a healthier twist on the classic.

North Carolina: Happy + Hale

Happy + Hale serves breakfast goodies like avo and almond butter toasts and açaí bowls all day. That makes me very ~happy~ indeed.  

North Dakota: Aloha Fresh

How do you post-game a yoga class? With an açaí bowl, of course. The owners of Aloha Fresh also founded Hautis Yoga in order to capitalize on these complementary trends. 

Ohio: Zest Juice Co. 

Zest specializes in unique blended bases like cinnamon roll and strawberries + cream to make your açaí experience oh so special. One of my friends at school says these bowls are the best she's had in the world, so they are surely worth a taste. 

Oklahoma: Ediblend Superfood Café

Ediblend was created by two stay-at-home moms hoping to hop back into the work circuit, and they are famous in Tulsa for their delicious açaí. 

Oregon: Carioca Bowls

If you're looking for the classic Rio style açaí bowl, Carioca Bowls has you covered. They are super thick and filling. 

Pennsylvania: Stripp'd Cold Pressed Juice

Their açaí bowls are fabulous, but the real highlight is the matcha bowl. You read that right. Stripp'd blends matcha, kiwi, spinach, and banana for an Insta worthy treat.

Rhode Island: Cool Beans Cafe

rice, granola, yogurt, muesli, milk, cereal
Meghan Buonanno

Beachfront açaí is always the move, and the wooden bowls are an amazing additional touch. 

South Carolina: Huriyali Gardens

Açaí and street art: what could be more basic? Honestly nothing, but I don't care—haters gonna hate. 

South Dakota: N/A

Step up your game, South Dakota. After 30 minutes of research and links to bowling alleys instead of açaí bowls, I gave up on my quest for the best bowl in South Dakota. 

Tennessee: Franklin Juice Co.

Franklin Juice Company recognizes that the açaí struggle is real, and tries to simplify it: they have three sizes of bowls rather than just one like most shops, and they provide add-on recommendations for the newbies.

Texas: Sustain Juicery

Sustain Juicery is perfect for a custom açaí bowl. Pick your base (açaí or pitaya), blendings (strawberries, bananas, mangos, pineapples), twists (apple juice or almond milk), toppings (like hemp hearts, berries, granola, and almonds), add some sweetener (honey and agave), and you're all set. 

Utah: The Protein Foundry

I need the Chovocado Bowl in my life. It's blended cacao powder, avocado, and açaí, and it's basic white girl's dream

Vermont: Juicebox

If you're looking for a more dessert type of açaí bowl, JuiceBox is perfect for you. Rather than more of a liquid bowl, these bowls are solid and textured like ice cream, and they taste like them too (but healthier!). 

Virginia: Fruitive

Fruitive in Virginia Beach is the perfect destination for a ~basic~ Instagram photoshoot. All their açaí and pitaya bowls can be "boosted" with spinach, kale, flax seeds, nut butters, and various protein supplements. This place is a post workout dream.

Washington: Fit Bar Superfood Cafe

This shop's motto is "açaí and chill," and, if that isn't the best version of Netflix and chill, I don't know what is. 

Washington, DC: South Block Juice Co

I'ma let you finish, but South Block has the best açaí bowls of all time. It is a 10-minute walk from Georgetown University's front gates (this has been professionally timed [by me]), and I find my way there nearly every day. The Warrior Bowl, which has a pineapple juice, banana, and açaí blend base and a granola, banana, strawberry, and blueberry topping, is my go-to. 

West Virginia: Juice Bar West Virginia University

Juice Bar puts coffee in their açaí bowls. Did someone say coffee? I'll take an extra shot of that. 

Wisconsin: Forage Kitchen

Expect a creamy açaí bowl with a coconut or cashew milk and honey blend and a generous dollop of cashew butter on top. Because it's important to treat yo self. 

Wyoming: The Organic Lotus

Before hitting the slopes of Jackson Hole, I would highly recommend a fresh bowl from the Organic Lotus. Their creations are full of hearty toppings such as dates, goji berries, and hemp seeds. 

Not gonna lie, I sent various friends individual links from almost every state suggesting road trips just for these bowls. Stay tuned to find out if I go across the country for açaí.