The Brazillian native berry, acai, has been around for centuries. It was introduced into the western world in the early 1990's and now is a popular insta worthy, super foodie, fresh and delicious, bowl of heaven. Other than High Vibe Cafe, this concept is unheard of anywhere else in the city or even the rest of Nebraska. 

So what is acai?

I thought you'd never ask -  For starters, it is good for you, but hard to pronounce. Contrary to the incorrect but common pronunciation, it is AH-SAH-EEEEEEE not ah-ky. It is a small round fruit that is vibrant in a reddish- purple color. The berry is found in rainforests such as the Amazon, but most commonly found in a fancy bowl eaten by the spoonful. The acai berry is so full of antioxidants it puts blueberries to shame. It is one of the healthiest fruits you can find. 

How healthy?

Like really healthy. Their antioxidants help promote blood flow, illuminate glowing skin, increase energy, promotes weight loss, improves mental clarity, fights cancer, better sex, and as strong as my love for acai is, it loves me back and strengthens the heart. Literally, it is so super, all that is missing is a little super food cape on it.

Where in Lincoln?

Lincoln finally joins the hipster holistic world and we have no one else but High Vibe Cafe to thank. Located inside the same building as the Lincoln Lotus House of Yoga, this hole in the wall style offers, fresh food, smoothie bowls, coffee, juice, and vibes.

So here is what to expect-

A brilliant blend of frozen acai and other fruits of choice. All topped with granola, fresh fruit, almond butter, and honey. That is the general idea, but there are tons of variations. To be honest, the only thing these acai bowls are missing is a beach to enjoy them on. 

One can only hope that the rest of Lincoln hops on the hipster health train, but in the meantime we take what we can get. Hit up the High Vibe Cafe and 'acai' what they are all about.