College touring is a great opportunity to see a variety of campuses and learn about each schools' respective academic programs. But, every true foodie knows that the best part about touring schools is going to all of the delicious and fun restaurants that the particular city has to offer. Vandy is in the heart of Nashville, home to one of the best food scenes around, and it's only getting better. 

Here's how to eat your way through Nashville in a day while checking out some of the city's trendiest areas:

Breakfast: Fido

milk, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Alexa Levitt

Ditch the Vanderbilt tourist trap that is Pancake Pantry, and enjoy the extensive menu at Fido. Fido has something for everyone. From eggs to salads to sandwiches, Fido serves quantity AND quality. One bite of the roasted sweet potatoes and you will be tempted to submit that Early Decision application. 

While you're at it, walk around Hillsboro village and check out the cute shops, all within walking distance of campus. 

Post Tour Pick-Me-Up: Franklin Juice Co. 

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Alexa Levitt

This new juice spot is amongst the most popular and most delicious in Nashville. With a prime location on 12 South, Franklin Juice is perfect for grabbing an amazingly photogenic acai bowl. After, walk around this fun and trendy neighborhood that is only five minutes from campus. 

Dinner: Tavern 

Like Fido, Tavern has something for everyone. Whether it be a burger, kale salad, or arguably the best fries in Nashville, Tavern is the perfect end to long day of touring (and eating). 

Dessert: Jeni's 

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Allison Witte

If you still have room, make your way to Jeni's for the best ice cream around. With locations in Hillsboro Village, 12 South, and East Nashville, Jeni's dominates the ice cream scene in Nashville, but we aren't complaining. These unique flavors are definitely worth the wait. 

One day of delicious meals at some of Nashville's best restaurants is all the more reason to put Vandy at the top of your list.