Nearly every city has their “Original Pancake House” and boasts that it offers the best pancakes in the world. But, Pancake Pantry definitely takes the cake. People wait for hours just to get into this place. I’m talking 6 AM lines. So, what makes it so great? If you’re eager enough to wait in the line, order one (or all) of these five dishes to find out.

1. Wild Berry Pancakes

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As if these perfectly puffy and buttery pancakes could be made any better, Pancake Pantry’s delicious blueberry sauce is the perfect combination of fruit and sugar.

2. Swiss Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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Unlike many chocolate chip pancakes, Pancake Pantry doesn’t put the chocolate chips into the pancake batter. Instead, they smother your light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes with seemingly infinite chocolate chips. The combination of chocolate chips, powdered sugar, whipped cream and perfectly made pancakes definitely can’t be beat.

3. Silver Dollars

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Okay, so you heard it here first: absolutely nothing differentiates these from the normal buttermilk pancakes except size. And telling people that you just ate ten pancakes. They’ll be impressed.

4. Smoky Mountain Buckwheat Cakes

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Since they’re wheat, they must be healthy, right?

5. Hashbrowns

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I know some people will only pair their pancakes with a breakfast meat like bacon or sausage because eating pancakes AND hashbrowns is a whole lot of starch. But, if you come to Pancake Pantry and don’t eat the hashbrowns, you might as well not have come at all.

Mark your calendars for September 24th, Vandy students. Whether you wake up before class or head over for an after-school special, Pancake Pantry is an absolute must on this day. You better not settle for IHOP.