As a Northerner currently living in the South, believe me when I say, "thank goodness for potatoes." Living in Nashville has opened my mind to some of the best hash browns, baked potatoes, tater tots, and, most importantly, French fries around. As they're the perfect side for any meal, all day long, I went on a hunt to find the best fries in town, and these were my favorites.

1. Tavern

poutine, french fries, waffle, cheese, bacon
Olivia Benjamin

All of the buzz around Tavern's "Tuscan Fries" is true. If you haven't had the chance to indulge in these parmesan-covered Tuscan fries, make your way over to Broadway soon.

#SpoonTip: If you go late at night (11 pm-1 am), order their Stadium Fries covered with chipotle cheese whiz and Sriracha salt.

2. Josephine

spinach, cheese, chicken
Julia Evans

Josephine's fries not only have the perfect amount of salt to keep you reaching for more, but also are perfectly crunchy on the outside with a soft potato texture on the inside.

3. Farm Burger

french fries, salt, parmesan, garlic, oil, cheese
Julia Evans

As one of my favorite burger joints with all grass-fed beef, Farm Burger also serves their signature Farm Burger Fries with spicy garlic, herbs, and parmesan. Don't forget to try their amazing FB Sauce when you get your next burger there.

4. McDougal's

sandwich, chicken
Julia Evans

After any football game or daytime concert in Nashville, McDougals's is the place to go. Get a bucket of some of the best chicken tenders and fries with an abundance of sauces. They also serve free mini soft serves so don't forget to ask for some!

5. Burger Up

bun, bacon, cheese
Mara Davis

Not only does Burger Up have special burger options, such as the Black Bean & Quinoa Burger and Veggie Burger, but they also serve some amazing sweet potato fries. They also serve crunchy house fries and their own truffle fries. All of these match perfectly with their house made maple ketchup.

6. Fido

bread, sandwich, cheese
Haley Brecher

Vanderbilt and Belmont students love Fido for their all day breakfast and wide variety of food for all meals. Next time, order a side of their thin-sliced fries and watch them disappear. Also, Fido has some of the best hash browns I've ever had, so ask for them as a side on your next brunch excursion there.

7. Flip Burger

potato, chicken
Julia Evans

In my opinion, Flip Burger has the best all around sides/apps. Try the fries, and also try their cheese curds and sweet potato tater tots with marshmallow dipping sauce!

8. Flipside

Julia Evans

Order the fries as your side and make sure to get their famous Tater Tot Nachos as an appetizer—you'll get the best of both worlds.

9. Merchants 

potato, sauce, salt, ketchup, french fries
Julia Evans

Because of its downtown location, this may be that higher end restaurant you try out when the 'rents are in town. While there, don't miss out on these thin and crispy fries.

10. The Row

french fries, cheese
Julia Evans

Be sure to check out this traditional southern restaurant that takes you back years into Nashville's best of country music. Their French fries complement their burgers with a crunch.

#SpoonTip: They have a killing brunch menu!

I don't know about you, but if I were to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be French fries. Now, with a list of places that have only the very best, I can guarantee I will always be satisfied. Enjoy!