Whether you’re trying to pregame tailgates with mimosas or looking to cure your hangover on Sunday, brunch is the perfect weekend meal. Not only is it always delish, but for some reason, brunching just feels so sophisticated. Seriously, what meal has its own verb? You have to make sure you go to all of the right spots in Nashville. These five restaurants are known for their brunch, so make sure you hit some of them up next weekend.

1. Fido

Scrambling to Fido for rainy day #eeeeeats

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Not only does Fido have amazing food, but you’re likely to run into a celeb here – it’s everyone’s favorite place for a chill brunch. Fido’s coffee drinks are delicious and always make for a perfect Instagram, not to mention their egg scrambles are one of a kind.

My favorite dishes include Huevos Cubanos (mostly because it has avocado), oatmeal, the McFido (bacon, egg, and cheese bagel that is somehow a lot better than most), and the Bachelor (almond butter, banana, local honey, and cinnamon sugar on a cinnamon raisin bagel). It is located right in Hillsboro, and if you haven’t gone there yet, you’re not actually a Vandy student.

2. Saint Anejo


Photo by Alli Kornrich

I know what you’re thinking — Mexican for brunch? Ew. Well, you’re wrong. Think your favorite quesadillas (like these), but bacon-egg-and-cheese style. Yum. Their hot wing and waffles are known to be indescribable, their omelets are bomb (with lots of avocado), and they even have a part of their menu titled “Skinny” if you’re trying to be basic.

3. Josephine


Photo by Gabrielle Levitt

The food at Josephine is superb, but my favorite part of this restaurant is the atmosphere. There are huge windows and if you get seated on the far right, you feel like you’re eating in a garden. It’s super relaxing and enhances any meal. Josephine is known for their cinnamon sugar doughnuts and their cherry and pistachio sticky buns, but if you’re trying to be a little more healthy, their omelette, quiche, and Josephine Benedict are all to die for.

4. The Southern


Photo by Rachel Labarre

The Southern also has an amazing, southern feeling atmosphere with live music and the whole nine yards. The Housemade Granola is incredible, but huge, so I recommend sharing it with the table and ordering something else as your main dish.

The Steak & Biscuit Benedict is unique and delish, the Highway is something you would only ever see in the south (fried chicken on waffles? That’s a thing?) and the Hotcakes with chocolate chunks are fluffy and tasty. Or you can make your own chicken and waffles into a cookie like this.

5. The Row


Photo by Rachel Labarre

The Row is known for its humongous mimosas and Bloody Mary bar, but if you’re underage, the food is amazing too. The Biscuits & Jam are a fan favorite and a perfect appetizer for a group of 4.

They have everything you could really want for brunch at The Row, from a veggie omelet, pancakes with fruit or chocolate chips, french toast, a breakfast parfait, and so much more.

But if your friends all want to go to brunch and you’re more of a lunch person, you should still suggest this restaurant. They have a killer burger and hot chicken. Another plus — it is walking distance from main campus, so you can walk back after your meal to work off some of the food you just ate.