Sharetea - San Francisco

Boba tea served in lightbulbs is definitely a bright idea. Sharetea's line of "Stardust" drinks are bright in their own way with layers of neon colors. Either one is sure to light up your Instagram feed.

Black Tap - NYC

goody, sweet, ice, candy, cake, cream, sprinkles, chocolate
Margaret Ross

Whoever said that milkshakes belong inside the glass never met a mouthwatering Black Tap Crazy Shake. Pictured here are the Sour Power, a black cherry shake featuring every candy you loved as a child, and the Cookie Shake, a vanilla cookie shake with an actual 'cookiewich' and the cumbles of probably 15 cookies.

Sugar Factory

These signature Goblet cocktails made this the most Instagrammed restaurant in the world last year. The glowing, oozing drinks are nostalgic and interactive, making them ideal candidates for Instagram fame.

Sushirrito - San Francisco

While a sushi burrito sounds like a revolutionary blend of food cultures, it's really just an oversized hand roll. The fun name and bright colors of the roll make for great Instagram shots with a Bay Area backdrop.

Donut Byte Labs - Portland

In case you haven't heard of cake pops, tiny foods are in. No more choosing between flavors when you can get a bundle of these gourmet, bite-sized desserts. 

Coffee In a Cone - Johannesburg

The self-proclaimed "World's Most Instagrambable Coffee" puts a twist on coffee without changing coffee itself. Espresso or Cappuccino is served in a chocolate coated, leak-proof cone. Despite having only one location, Coffee In a Cone has blown up worldwide thanks to social media. Presentation really does matter.

Union Fare - NYC

Serving up bright colors turns out to be the secret to Instagram food fame, as seen with these Birthday Cake Croissants. 

10Below Ice Cream - NYC

Colors, colors, colors. Ice cream at 10Below is served in tightly wrapped rolls and topped with candy and fruit. They also serve a waffle cone taco shell filled with an ice cream roll. This fresh presentation is inspired by Thai street ice cream rolls.

Mavens Creamery - San Francisco

Maven's serves up a rainbow of macaron ice cream sandwiches. Take two of our favorite things, add bright colors, and you've got a trendy food about to blow up on Instagram.