Ah the old Netflix and chill, we all know what that means…while others are preoccupied with their “shows” here are some snacks you’ll surely want to get your hands on that are perfect for any movie genre or show. Cuddling with these treats is definitely the best way to Netflix and chill.

1. Pretzels


Photo by Jenny Shen

Binge eat while you binge watch with these addicting salty snacks. They can be more addicting than watching your favorite show, but just like the series, these snacks are totally worth it. A warm, soft pretzel is just as tempting, and it will definitely keep you on your couch. You might as well settle in and keep snacking.

2. Pigs in a Blanket


Photo by Maddie Lanier

While you’re getting cozy under some covers, enjoy these little piggies that are nice and snug in their own blankets. If you’re not wrapped up in blankets and surrounded by pillows, then you are doing Netflix wrong.

3. Caramel Corn


Photo by Alex Furuya

You can’t properly watch a movie unless there’s some popcorn to go with it. This sweet twist on a salty theater classic will have you snacking throughout the whole film.. You may be sharing your Netflix account, but you don’t have to share this treat.

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4. Nachos


Photo by Katherine Richter

These ooey-gooey nachos are a must have at any Netflix marathon. They don’t necessarily have all the basic food groups for a balanced diet, but maybe soon you can ditch the Netflix marathon and actually run a marathon. Or don’t…the couch is comfier.

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5. Ice Cream Sundae


Photo by Lucia Perasso

The best part about a sundae is you can fit it into any movie genre. Add some crunchy nuts for an action-packed movie night, bananas for a sweet comedy, or just simply smother it with chocolate syrup for a sappy romcom.