We all want to have the perfect Instagram feed, and we all have those friends who will do anything to get the perfect Instagram picture. Actually, let’s be real, we’re probably that friend. You know, the one who will stand on their chair in a crowded brunch spot to get the perrrrrrfect lighting? Yeah. That’s us too.

Well, lucky for you, we went sleuthing for the best spots in New York to up your Insta-game just a tad. Check ’em all out before someone else gets to them.




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#thatgoodsh*t ?❤️☕️ #morning @hacullaofficial

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Location: 192 Mott St.

Not only approved of by Taylor Swift and @HotGirlsEatingPizza, but also has TWO of the coolest (and most popular on Instagram) murals in the city.

Caffe Roma

Making some great choices today. #VSCO

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Location: 385 Broome St.

Really just one place to try in Little Italy of hundreds; if you’re not going for their cannoli, then at least go for their Audrey Hepburn mural.

Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Location: 30 Prince Street

If you’re gluten-free, vegan, or a fan of Gisele Bündchen, then you have to get yourself here ASAP for their cupcakes and their mural.

Harry’s Corner Shop

Sip. Up. It's. FRIDAY?

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Location: 64 Macdougal St.

It miiiiiiight be a barber shop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand awkwardly outside to take your food pictures with their hella stylish and minimalistic striped wall.

The Bowery Wall

All American Temper Tot #RonEnglish

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Location: Houston Street & Bowery

It’s the best place to show off your artsy NY vibe and that classic NYC coffee cup.

Mott and Kenmare

???? ❤️?{Blueberry basil fresca @sweetgreen}.

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Location: Mott & Kenmare (duh)

The murals here really understand us ’cause we’re just filled to the brim with love for food.


Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar

Our ideal Friday eve: dessert and drinking combined. ?? (?: @emmaladyrose)

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Location: 102 North End Ave

Popsicles? Booze? The NYC skyline? This place has all three, and we’ll race ya there.

Ralph’s Coffee Shop

Love days like these ?

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Location: 711 5th Ave. 2nd Floor

Ralph Lauren definitely didn’t need to venture into the world of food, but his clean aesthetic comes across in his coffee shop above the Ralph Lauren flagship store on 5th Ave.

City Bakery

Back to winter weather today… so this seems fitting. #cityfoodie #citybakery

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Location: 3 West 18th Street

Feeling minimalistic? City Bakery has your back with tons of white backgrounds for that perfect blank space, baby. Don’t forget to grab a cup of their life-changing hot chocolate during the winter.

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

Location: 2 Rivington St.

Look at those fine ass tiles, just calling out to be on your Instagram feed. Help them out.


Riverside Park


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Location: West Side next to Henry Hudson Pkwy

Close to campus and picturesque as hell. Grab your Mister Softee before the temps cool down and snap a quick picture against the Hudson before the rest of campus beats you to it.

Sheep’s Meadow


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Location: West Side of the Park from 66th to 69th St.

The prettiest part of Central Park in the author’s humble opinion, and the perfect au naturale setting for your picnic pictures.

The Highline

nothing better than starting a morning off with coffee, chocolate & girl talk #fallisfun

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Location: Chelsea

Are you really a New Yorker if you don’t Insta your Chelsea Market lunch on the Highline?


Location: 90 Kent Ave., Brooklyn

A prerequisite for a degree from any college in the city: proof you went to Smorgasburg at least twice before graduation.

Your Beloved Campus

Location: Columbia University/Barnard College

Last, but definitely not least, hands down the BEST place to Instagram your food in New York City is here at home.