1. Almond butter on toast

Crunchy toasted bread + warm almond butter = FOODGASM.

2. Almond butter on toast with bananas

almond butter

Photo by Delissa Handbook

Even better than just almond butter on toast.

3. Melted almond butter on bananas.

Pop some almond butter in the microwave for 10 seconds and drizzle it over sliced bananas for a healthy and delicious midday snack.

4. Blended into your post-workout smoothie.

almond butter

Photo by Hana Ezaldein

5. Baked in your favorite cookies

almond butter

Photo by Hanna Lundgren

Forget about Insomnia cookies and bake almond butter into chocolate chip cookies.

6. Hidden in slutty brownie

almond butter

Photo by Analiese Trimber

Add a layer of almond butter between the cookie dough and Oreo layers for a chewy gooey center.

7. As a dip for pretzels

almond butter

Photo by Elizabeth Layman

The perfect savory snack.

8. As a dip for chocolate pretzels

Even better, a sweet and salty treat.

9. Add an almond butter layer in Oreos

Break apart your Oreos and spread a thin layer of almond butter onto the cream-less cookie before putting back together your new and improved Oreo sandwich.

10. Almond butter and jam sandwich

For those of us allergic to peanuts and never had the chance to enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, well, here’s a good substitute. IMO, it’s probably tastier than the classic PB &J.

11. Incorporated into breakfast bites

Cookie dough for breakfast sounds like a pretty damn good way to start the day.

12. Molded into cookie dough bites

almond butter

Photo by Daniela Childers

13. Baked in granola bars

14. Baked in cake bars

Check out this mouth-watering concoction: pumpkin almond butter bar with dark chocolate and coconut. Bonus: the recipe is flourless.

15. Spread over waffles and pancakes

almond butter

Photo by Phoebe Melnick

For those of you who have never had almond butter and maple syrup together, you have got to try this idea. You’ll never go back to plain old maple syrup again.

16. Drizzled over an ice cream sundae

almond butter

Photo by Emma Doud

Who needs chocolate syrup or caramel drizzle when you’ve got creamy, warm almond butter?

17. Straight out of the jar

And lastly, my favorite way to eat almond butter: straight out of the jar.