CU Boulder is the best school in the country. The campus, scenery, town, and people, make CU Boulder seem too good to be true. Campus dining is often overlooked when considering why being a buff is the best. Check out these dining halls, and you'll understand why we think these on-campus options are ones to appreciate. 

The Best: Alferd Packer Grill

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As I write this, I am accompanied by a noodle bowl made by Alferd himself. You can find this hall right in the middle of the UMC. It takes meal swipes and offers you plenty of great options. 

The Grill has burgers galore. El Cannibal gets you your Chipotle fix for the day. The Tabor holds my personal favorite, the "Make-Your-Own Asian Bowl" (choose your starch, protein, sauce & veggies) and The Lodge is a go-to for a good panini. Plus, it was named after a cannibal—GO BOULDER!

What to Get: A Noodle Bowl from The Tabor (mine contains rice noodles, tofu, Sriracha-yaki sauce, broccoli, carrots & mushrooms)

Runner-Up: GoFresh @ Farrand

GoFresh is the place that I feel healthiest. This doesn't make much sense because I often get a grilled cheese and Boulder Ice Cream. However, they offer salads, fruit, and hearty pasta so it feels better than the alternatives at the C4C.

People rave about the burgers (including veggie burgers) and there's always a long wait at the popular hours, so get used to eating at 3 pm. 

What to Get: A burger and if you're lucky the pesto penne (it runs out quickly). 

Because It's ALL YOU CAN EAT: Center for Community

This one may be debatable because it's the biggest dining hall on campus. It is where a lot of people eat most of their meals and therefore, what people get sick of the fastest. I love it because I can make my own burrito bowl, pasta, panini or salad to continuously spice things up. It is fondly known as the "Carb Castle" of Boulder, or did I just make that up?

What to Get: Make-Your-Own Pasta (opens at 6 pm) or Make-Your-Own Panini (always available, but requires manual labor).

A Solid Option: WeatherTech Cafe

Sarah Bielawski

This little cafe would be higher on the list if it took meal swipes, but it does take Campus Cash & Munch Money so it still holds a place in my heart. Sandwiches, salads & pizza are all great from here and it's open until 2 am every day.

It has a great fireplace and terrace seating to make you feel like you're in a more magical place than Boulder (if that's possible).

What to Get: The Farrand Fodder (roasted red pepper hummus, veggies, pesto & mozz).

Honorable Mention: The Bakery & Sewall Dining Hall

The Bakery is really only open for breakfast and lunch on the weekdays and who wakes up in time for breakfast before class? The town of Boulder has the cutest coffee shops so don't try to compare them, but The Bakery does have bomb coffee & pastries. Check it out in the C4C.

Sewall Dining is really awesome.... for the people in Sewall. It's a bit exclusive and not exactly convenient for the rest of us. Nonetheless, a must-try. 

What to get: Personal fan of the croissants at The Bakery and I've heard the quesadillas at Sewall are a must.

The Verdict

While Boulder is known for its hippy vibes, picture-perfect views and a number of other things to add to its charm, the food on campus is nothing to cry about. It may get boring and it may feel unhealthy, but luckily, we have a few awesome options to work with.