Have you ever been sitting in your dorm room starving, desperately not wanting to eat the BRC's sketchy chicken for a third night in a row, but having no idea where to go in your new city?  We've been there too.  We know what it's like to want to be in the know about the food scene where you live (and world wide). Whether you're from the Boise area or just moved here for college, there's always so much to learn about Boise's amazing (and underrated) food culture—so that's what Spoon Boise State is here for. 

Spoon Boise State wants to give you the inside scoop on everything food related in the Boise community. As a brand new chapter on BSU's campus, our job is to explore Boise's unique food options and bring you everything we as students need to know about food: 24 hour food around campus, the best delivery options, cheap choices, dorm room recipes, etc. 

Thoughts from the Spoon Boise State Team:

Hannah Williamson - Editorial Director

cake, tea, beer, pizza
Hannah Williamson

"I love food, like so much.  So when I heard about Spoon and the opportunity to be a part of bringing it to campus I jumped at it.  Boise has an awesome food culture—one that a lot of people are unaware of.  I love the Spoon community and I think it is the perfect way to highlight all different aspects of food in the Boise area and share it with other students like myself." 

Morgan Borkowski - Marketing Director 

tea, beer, pizza, coffee
Morgan Borkowski

"I heard about Spoon University from a friend that goes to a different college. I thought to myself, 'Why don't we have Spoon at Boise State?' After some research and numerous emails I had officially founded a new chapter at Boise State. I am so excited to showcase the food culture of Boise, Idaho to everyone through Spoon's unique platform." 

Sam Smith - Photo Director 

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Sam Smith

"Being from Seattle, I am definitely not a stranger to eclectic cities.  When I moved to Boise for college, I was absolutely astounded by how incredible this little pocket of Idaho is.  Boise has so much to offer the rest of the globe and I am beyond ready to be able to share our unique secrets with Spoon—through both photography AND some necessary taste-tests."

Rachel Gillett - Marketer  

coffee, beer, pizza, cake
Rachel Gillett

"I have friends at other schools that run chapters of Spoon University and I have always been interested in the idea of it.  One of my favorite things is to try new food places so I think that it's really awesome to be a part of a group that is able to bring new food ideas to the people of Boise State."