There's nothing wrong with celebrating Cinco De Mayo with a box of Taco Bell taco's and some cheap margarita's. However, if you really want to honor the holiday, take a bit of a culinary adventure, and find out what you should actually eat on Cinco De Mayo, keep reading. 

Cinco De Mayo was the day that the Mexican army defeated the French army in the Battle of Puebla in Puebla, Mexico. In America, this is a day to celebrate Mexican-American culture. Many of the recipes featured below originated in Puebla, and some are just Mexican cuisine staples. Some of the featured recipes are traditional, and other's take a twist on a classic. These recipe's are what you should actually eat on Cinco De Mayo.

Start Your Day With...


Photo courtesy of Slice and Torte

Start your Cinco De Mayo on a lighter note with these untraditional, but still delicious, breakfast tamales

Pan Dulce

Photo courtesy of Thyme and Love

If you wake up in the mood to celebrate with something sweet, forget the tamales and dive right into this delicious pan dulce.

Huevos Rancheros

Photo courtesy of Cookie and Kate

Mmmm. Who doesn't love a simple breakfast of Huevos Rancheros with a beautiful yolk break?

Feast On...

Chiles en Nogada

Photo courtesy of Kathleen is Cooking in Mexico

Traditional Chiles en Nogada are basically stuffed and fried chiles covered in sauce. They're a perfect vehicle to fill with sweet, spicy and savory flavors.


Photo courtesy of Garlic and Zest

Chalupa's are fried tortillas, covered in your favorite toppings. Think of them as an upgraded version of chips and dip. 

Mole Poblano Chicken

Photo courtesy of Nourish Everyday

Mole Poblano is a very traditional dish from Puebla, Mexico. Even though this sauce is full of spices, it won't light your mouth on fire.

Puerco Con Verdolagas 

Photo courtesy of Hungry Sofia

While you may imagine Cinco De Mayo as a warm and summery holiday, depending on where you live, this might not be the case. If you end up being stuck in a rain or snow storm, celebrate with this hearty stew.

Tinga Poblano

Photo courtesy of Hispanic Kitchen

Tinga Poblano is another recipe that originated in Puebla, Mexico. This smoky and sweet tomato based sauce makes it perfect to smother on tender meat.


Photo courtesy of Matt Bite's

Cemita's put American sub sandwiches to shame. They have better bread, better meat, fresh herbs, and more. This is the perfect meal to keep you energized for a full day of partying.

Sip On...


Photo courtesy of Drizzle and Dip

A Paloma is a tequila based drink, usually made with grapefruit juice. While your Cinco De Mayo plans may consist of lot's of Margarita's, you may want to switch it up and try a Paloma.


Photo courtesy of Fox Valley Foodie

If regular beer is a little too boring for you, you can try out a Michelada. This drink includes beer, lime, spices, and more.


Photo courtesy of A Sweet Pea Chef

If you're not of drinking age, or simply want to save a little more room in your stomach for food, this refreshing Horchata recipe is a perfect choice.

Finish The Day With...

Camotes de Santa Clara

Photo courtesy of Cucumbers and Limes

Candy made out of sweet potatoes? If you're not a potato addict like me, you may not think this sounds too wonderful. However, these are just like chewy caramels. Plus, you can say you ate a vegetable for dessert!

Tortita With Pumpkin Seed Icing

Photo courtesy of Patijinich

These cookies were invented by nuns in Puebla, Mexico, and boyyy do they sound holy! They're a perfect mix of buttery, nutty, and sweet.

Molletes Dulce

Photo courtesy of Mexico in My Kitchen

I don't know about you, but sometimes at the end of a flavorful meal, all I want is a simple piece of bread to cleanse my palate. This sweet, buttery toast is the perfect thing to end your day with. (Or start your day with!)


Photo courtesy of I am a Food Blog

I think everyone know's that churros are just fried cinnamon sugar deliciousness. Dip them in chocolate and you have perfection.

How you choose to celebrate Cinco De Mayo is up to you, but if you're in the mood to do a little cooking that's true to Mexico's culture, this is what you should actually eat on Cinco De Mayo!