Once every year comes the magical St. Patrick's day. It marks the death date of the patron Saint of Ireland, but to most it's an excuse to wear green and take part in day drinking from sun up to sun down. 

But from my experience countless friends won't make it past 6pm, and now if that's not a tragedy I don't know what is! So I've decided to make a St. Patrick's Day guide to surviving day drinking because no man should be left behind.

Make sure to stay hydrated

This is the most important thing to remember throughout the day. The chances of realizing that you're in desperate need of water are slim, but what I've started doing is drinking vodka waters with sliced lemon, lime, and mint. It supplies some H2O to the body and they're also super refreshing! Just don't over do it with the vodka. And remember to still fit some water breaks in.

Stay away from sugary drinks!

It may seem like a good idea at the time to drink a bunch of coolers instead of hard alcohol throughout the day, but the sugar content is going to sneak up on you. You won't realize how drunk you are until it's too late and you're waking up the next morning wondering why you feel like someone sucked all the moisture out of your body and ran you over with their truck. 

Don't drink strong beers

Strong beer will just put you to sleep, so if beer is really the only option keep the alcohol percentage low and stick with a light lager. That doesn't mean that's your only option for the whole day just until you've made it into the evening hours then feel free to let loose. 

Remember to eat!

Remember to take a few minutes to eat throughout the day. If the holiday agenda entails party hopping pack a backpack with some snacks, get a pizza delivered to the party –just make sure someone doesn't intercept it before you–, or make some time to stop and pick up food. 

Think ahead

You think you're only going to need a 6 or a 12 pack for the day before you head out to the bar? Think again. The chances of stopping at a liquor store throughout the day to pick up more drinks are slim. Come prepared, that doesn't mean drink everything you bought, but we all know it won't be going to waste even if you don't finish it all in one day. 

Now...Good luck

Day drinking is fun, but there's a lot that can go wrong. I hope this guide is helpful and everyone remembers to drink responsibly because no one wants to be the friend everyone has to take care of. Especially not by 4pm.