You know the feeling when you wake up the morning after drinking the infamous frat punch? Yeah, it's not a good one. This feeling comes not only from the cheap alcohol (looking at you, Aristocrat) but also from the mixers within the punch. Sugary sodas and juices only induce hangovers.

Here are the healthiest and most hydrating mixers you can use for drinks that also work to prevent dreaded hangovers. 


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Aisling Quirke

Seltzer comes in lots of different flavors, so there's an option for everyone. Since seltzer is essentially sparkling water, mixing your alcohol of choice in with it gives you a healthy boost of hydration along with your buzz.

The bubbles in seltzer also work when it comes to cutting the taste of the alcohol.


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Megan Rivenburg

Alcohol kills good bacteria in your gut, which is essential to healthy digestion and a functioning immune system. Mixing with kombucha combats that negative effect of alcohol by providing you with probiotics (or the healthy bacteria that your gut needs).

Kombucha also contains a high water content which helps to keep you hydrated while you drink. Since it is fermented, it also contains about .5% alcohol on its own, so it ups the alcoholic content of your drink a little.

A personal favorite drink to make is kombucha mixed with wine. It's refreshing, casual, and tastes so good!

Sports Drinks

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Aisling Quirke

While Gatorade and Pedialyte are high in hangover-causing sugar, their lower sugar counterparts (like G2 or Powerade Zero) make great chasers. They give you electrolytes that help rehydrate your body in the face of dehydrating alcohol. 

These drinks also have a high water content, which is the most effective way to combat a killer hangover. 

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Megan Rivenburg

It's not just quantity and quality of alcohol that gives you or doesn't give you hangovers, but mixers and chasers on top of that. The right mixer can leave you feeling fresh and ready to seize the day the morning after drinking, while the wrong one can have you wanting to stay in bed until the end of the week.

Next time you go out with friends, try mixing with one of these drinks and see the difference that it makes the next day.