In my own personal food hierarchy, bread has its very own category. Bread is an essential part of a lot of people's diets, which is why when we turn to dieting, the first thing to go is usually bread. The sad reality of bread is that it's not usually good for you. However, that's changing and we have been blessed with healthy bread (yes it exists and no I'm not making that up)!

Healthy Bread Isn't an Oxymoron? 

Ozery Bakery is making all of our carb dreams come true. You no longer need to cut bread off your list when you start a diet—you can just turn to their healthy breads. They also categorize their breads, like morning rounds and snacking rounds, so you know which product is best for whatever time your bread craving hits. You'll never feel bread deprived again, and you won't feel like bread needs to be demeaned to your cheat day, because you won't feel guilty for having some of this bread. It's made to make you feel good and made for bread addicts that are on a diet but just can't part with their favorite food group.

Tell Me More

If just the idea of healthy bread isn't enough to sell you, there's more about the mastermind company behind this idea that will. They believe in healthy and hearty breads. To make their breads, they use whole grains, fruits, and seeds in order to make bread healthy while keeping the same qualities of normal bread that we all love so much. There are no artificial preservatives or GMOs in their breads either, which makes their bread that much healthier.

Is This Real Life?

Yes, the all the Bread Gods have finally answered our prayers and given us a version of bread to eat while we are trying to be healthy. So now you can have all the avocado toast, bread pudding, and banana bread you want because you won't feel bad about using this bread as a replacement.

You no longer need to suffer in a cold and dark breadless world. You can now be healthy and still eat your favorite food guilt-free because healthy bread is finally a thing.