Are you obsessed with watching food videos while you lay in bed avoiding sleep like the plague? Or have you taken one of those quizzes that guess your favorite food? Don't be ashamed, us too.

Spoon UNC Asheville is a new organization on campus and we want you to join. Spoon University is an online media platform that is aimed directly towards college students who have a passion for food, whether it's cooking or just eating.  If you are into journalism and mass communications this may just be your way to get your foot in the door. But if you're like me and just really love food, we'd love to have you as well. Check out these five reasons why you should join Spoon UNC Asheville today!

1. Writing about food is a no-brainer

Asheville is a thriving city and some of the things we're best known for is food. Even our on campus dining at UNC Asheville is unique and delicious! We have all sorts of cuisines to try, and Spoon UNC Asheville gives you the opportunity to try that empanada and crepes place you've been eyeing on Merrimon Ave or share with us your best Brown Hall dining hacks! 

2. Your resume will look dope AF, and who doesn't want that?

Working with a successful start-up company shows that you're willing to work all the long hours and put in the effort to make the best possible work you can. I mean, when your work is published on a website that's been featured on places like Food Network and Buzzfeed, it's kind of a big deal.

3. Voice your opinion on something that you care about!

Asheville is known for it's inclusive foods. Everything from vegan to Lexington-Style BBQ, we want to know what you think and so do others! This is a great platform to express your feelings on food, whether it be bettering the environment or why going Whole30 is the best for your body! 

4. You can write about whatever you want!

We don't judge here, go crazy. Tell us about the aphrodisiac experience you had at the chocolate lounge or when you won a drunken battle at the piano bar! If you've got an idea, we are more than willing to hear it!

 5. It doesn't take that much of your time!

Trust me, and this is coming from a girl who has two jobs, a heavy course load, and a leadership role in her sorority. I am telling you that you can make time to write two articles every month, and you can have fun writing them too! Deadlines are flexible and we will work with your schedule, after all you're a student first! Don't let a time commitment hold you back from joining Spoon UNC Asheville!

So what are you waiting for? Apply here and email with all your questions!