Girl Scout cookies are like the Tinder date you've always wanted: beautiful, delicious, and reliable (I mean, they're literally sold the same time every year. The real first sign of spring is the cookie booth outside Shop Rite.). Unfortunately, like the Tinder gods, Girl Scout cookies aren't always so kind to us, and one too many can have us feeling a little less than good.

While I firmly believe that sweets should be a part of every diet in moderation, it's always good to have some healthy alternatives in your back pocket. Not literally, of course... don't put any food in your back pocket... that'll get real messy real fast.

1. Samoas -- Chocolate Coconut Squares

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Jody Brimacombe

Samoas have always been my favorite Girl Scout cookie. The combination of caramel with chocolate and coconut is a combo that's hard to beat. Thankfully, these chocolate coconut squares provide the same delicious flavors without the processed sugars and flour, and add in whole natural ingredients like dates, almonds, pecans, coconut oil, and cinnamon

2. Thin Mints -- Chocolate Peppermint Mousse

I'm convinced chocolate and mint were made for each other (like peanut butter and banana). Still, too many Thin Mints won't have us feeling so great afterwards. To get your chocolate and mint fix, try Minimalist Baker's recipe for chocolate mint mousse. You'll satisfy your craving while feeling fancy AF because you can tell all your friends you just made mousse.

3. Tagalongs -- Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pops

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Abby Reisinger

A healthier way to get in your daily dose of chocolate and peanut butter, these banana "popsicles" will give you the same creamy on the inside, crunchy on the outside texture of a Tagalong without the weird ingredients and added sugar. Plus you're getting in your daily servings of fruit while eating chocolate. That's pretty magical if you ask me

4. Do-Si-Dos -- Vegan/ GF Peanut Butter Cookies

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Ellie Haun

Some like their peanut butter by itself, and hey, we're not judging. Do-Si-Dos are my second favorite Girl Scout cookie (a close second behind Samoas) because sometimes, all you need is a peanut butter sandwich, and what better way to have it than in cookie form?

Still, as absurdly good as Do-Si-Dos are, 11 grams of sugar in three cookies is pretty alarming. Life is all about balance, so if you find yourself having a bit too many Do-Si-Dos, try one (or a few) of these healthier peanut butter cookies. Allergic to peanut butter? First, I'm so sorry. Second, you can try these alternatives

5. Trefoils -- Banana Pecan Shortbread Cookies

Your shortbread cookies just got an upgrade. While Trefoils are known for how simple -- yet delicious -- they are, there's no doubt that adding ingredients like pecans, bananas, and cinnamon will amp up the flavor even more. Bonus: they're vegan, made with natural ingredients, AND gluten-free

6. Savannah Smiles -- Lemon Bars

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Cloe Savino

Because lemon is so acidic, it's best paired with a whole bunch of sugar when it's used for desserts. These bars use natural sugars like honey and coconut sugar, and the white flour is replaced with gluten-free coconut flour. With lots of healthy fats from the coconut in these bars, you can have your dessert (or snack... or breakfast? whatever floats your boat) without the sugar crash.

7. S'mores Cookies -- Don't bother

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Devon Flinn

Sometimes, you just really want s'mores, and honestly there aren't many healthy ways to have one. My advice for when you find yourself reaching for the box of S'mores Cookies: skip it and go for the real deal. If you're going for a treat, might as well go all out.

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Annika Altura

Especially since Girl Scout cookies are around for only a few months out of the year, including them in a balanced diet isn't a bad thing. But as good as they are, having too many too often isn't so healthy overall. Thankfully, there are healthy ways to satisfy all your cookie cravings and balance out those days when all you want is an entire sleeve of frozen Thin Mints, because let's be real, we all have those days.