It’s 1 am in the morning and you wake up in a panic. You run to the kitchen, eager to get your hands on something sweet. As you rummage through the cabinets, your tired eyes zone in on the green box of Thin Mints.

Is it a mirage, you wonder? You grab the green box and rip open the foil, only to remember – you ate the last one yesterday. You head back to bed, with tears in your eyes, sadly realizing that you won’t have another Thin Mint until next year.

Well guess what, Girl Scout Cookie lovers – this situation will never — and I mean never– happen to you again. This fall, a Pennsylvania based toy company will introduce the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven. Yes, you read that correctly. There will be an oven that is specially made for baking your favorite Girl Scout Cookies to perfection.

I promise you’re not dreaming.


Photo courtesy of ABC News

Wicked Cool Toys recently announced their plans to release this Easy-Bake oven inspired product, along with several mix packets. One Girl Scout Cookie oven will set you back a cool $59.99, but it includes everything you need: a spatula, measuring tools, a baking pan and a packet of Thin Mint mix.

There are also basic mix packets, which include Trefoils, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip and Sugar and Oatmeal that run for $6.99, and deluxe mix packets that will cost you $14.99. All of this seems like a small price to pay for guaranteed lifetime happiness.


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If you’re considering buying this for someone younger (or you’re just really into the whole Girl Scout lifestyle), Wicked Cool Toys is also releasing a Girl Scout On-the-Go Wagon and a Girl Scout Cookie Stand. If you want to buy them, we won’t judge.

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