It's that time of year when temperatures are cooling down, sweaters are fished from the dark depths of the closet, and everyone's inner pumpkin-everything, fall-obsessed alter ego comes out.

Cozying up by a warm fire is one of my favorite fall activities, and devouring s'mores while doing so makes it way better. S'mores are a traditional snack with its graham cracker-chocolate-marshmallow combo, but why not change it up a bit?

Here are some unique tricks that will make your s'mores game strong and your appetite game even stronger.

1. Swap the chocolate bar for Nutella

Nutella is that irresistible food you want to put on everything and can make anything taste way better. Trade the traditional chocolate bar for this instead and you'll be eating hazelnut heaven.

2. Spice it up

Spice up your s'mores game by adding chili powder and cinnamon. As crazy as it sounds, the combo makes for a spicy sensation.

3. Minty fresh

Chocolate and mint are one of the best combos ever created and can make for a major game-changer when it comes to s'mores. Swap the chocolate bar for Andes mints and really amp up the flavor with a minty-fresh twist.

4. Get fruity

Go the simple route and add different fruits to the chocolate-marshmallow-graham cracker combo, including sliced strawberries, bananas, raspberries—the list is endless.

5. Make a banana boat

Add fruit but in a completely different way by creating a stuffed s'more banana boat: slit a banana, scoop out a few chunks, and replace with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Bake for 5-7 minutes or until the chocolate and marshmallows melt, sprinkle some crushed graham cracker on top, and you got yourself a little bit of banana-s'more paradise.

6. Cookies > Graham crackers

Why not satisfy your sweet tooth even more by adding cookies to the mix? Ditch the graham crackers and mush chocolate and marshmallow between two of your favorite cookies. Classic chocolate chip can lead to a mouthful of chocolate-y goodness, while other flavors such as peanut butter or snickerdoodle can make for a new kind of experience.

7. The bacon-lover 

You read that right... add bacon to the treat. Create the perfect salted-caramel-bacon s'more by finishing it off with some caramel sauce. It's the perfect way to satisfy those sweet and salty cravings. Consume with caution, though, the combination makes for a very addicting snack.

It's obvious that there is more than just one way to enjoy your s'mores. We advise you to impress your friends by making these new variations on a classic twist everyone will be sure to love. Grab a blanket, start a bonfire, and savor what is left of fall before it's gone.