My friends and I were sitting at dinner when one of them asked, "do any of you want to order Girl Scout cookies?" Hells yes we did. I put down my $5 and asked for Samoas. Then my friend asked, "What are Samoas?"

Apparently, Girl Scout cookies in Massachusetts are not the original cookies. Throughout the United States, Girl Scout cookies are made from two different distributers. They are either from ABC Bakers or Little Brownie Bakers (IMO the superior one). This means different recipes AND different cookie names.  

It's not just Samoas and Caramel deLites that tricked us, it's all of them. But have no fear, there are many quizzes that include both versions of the cookies, so depending on where you live you won't be left out.

As for the whole Samoas vs. Caramel deLites, the most serious comparison between all the cookies, here is the breakdown.

Cookie A is the Caramel deLite, and Cookie B is the Samoa. Not only are Samoas bigger, but filled with dark chocolate and more toasted coconut, aka the best part of the cookie, leaving Caramel deLites in the dust. If you were to go for a caramel cookie, there are tons of other options, but how many other delicious toasted coconut and chocolate cookies with a mixture of caramel are out there? None. 

Nonetheless, there are tons of amazing recipes with Girl Scout cookies as ingredients. However, notice they're usually made out of the Little Brownie Bakers cookies (the better ones). And even if you don't feel like splurging, you can learn to make your own cookies too. 

So next time you're stuck in Boston during Girl Scout cookie season, call home and make sure your mom orders you a box of those delicious Samoas because Carmel deLites are not the same.