If there ever was a power couple, it’s peanut butter and banana, and if more ways to eat peanut butter and bananas doesn’t interest you, you’ve definitely never tried these fun recipes. We all know that peanut butter is even better than a significant other, so for a satisfying snack no matter what, combine your protein with the sweetness of the fruit, and start embracing the PB&B love with these nine combinations:

The Basic But Classic

Peanut Butter

Photo by Marykate Surette

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Peanut butter straight from the jar slathered onto banana slices. You can’t get enough of a classic. 

The Open-Face Sandwich

Peanut Butter

Photo by Christin Urso

Open-face is definitely the way to go when you’re piling thick slices of banana on top of warm toast for a comforting creation. Add honey for a little sweetness, or add cinnamon for increased instagramability. Or, just add bacon, because well, bacon with peanut butter actually tastes too good to be true.

The Carbo-Load

Peanut Butter

Photo by Maia Vernacchia

This banana bread takes on a new twist—the peanut—so make your PB&B sandwich even more creative, too. Take a slice (or two) of the peanut banana bread, spread some nut butter and add your banana on top. Replacing the normal bread with this extra banana flavor is a surefire plan for taking your eats to the next level. Find some more ways to make your banana bread even better here.

The Trail Mix

Peanut Butter

Photo by Marykate Surette

There are so many reasons to love banana chips. The flakey fruit tastes great and works perfectly inside a grab bag of a trail mix. Add peanut butter chips, or maybe even peanut butter M&M’s, along with your usual nuts and dried fruit. With this simple addition to your basic trail mix, you’re sure to hit the spot and get that boost of energy you so crave.

The Sweet Tooth

Peanut Butter

Photo by Natalie Choy

Sometimes, you just need to eat frosting out of the jar with a spoon, and that’s just a fact of life. So why not use peanut butter frosting and mix it with some banana? Or, if you’re feeling the need for milk’s favorite cookie, grab some chocolate peanut butter Oreos, open them up, slice up a banana and slip a bite inside each one before closing them up again for a perfect dunk in a cold glass of milk. Still want more? Here’s a recipe for banana bread cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.

The Perfect Blend

Peanut Butter

Photo by Leah Nordma

Peanut butter + banana + milk = perfect. Put it in a blender and make this smooth creation that’s perfect any time of day. Add extra protein if you want to, or leave it to the natural protein of the nuts. Here’s a recipe to get you started.

The Frozen Treat

Peanut Butter

Photo by Caitlin Wolper

It’s no secret that peanut butter froyo is one of the best flavors created since the classic chocolate. Swirl up the peanut butter (or if you’re like me, mix it with the chocolate), and get some sliced bananas to stack up high.

The Popsicle

Peanut Butter

Photo by Hannah Lin

Bring on the chocolate-covered frozen banana! Easy to make, fun to eat and all the more delicious because it’s ice cold. Have one to cool off outside, or just enjoy the treat in your warm kitchen, because no matter the weather, it’s sure to hit the spot. Learn how to make them here.

The Breakfast Solution

Peanut Butter

Photo by Alyssa Maccarrone

Get on iTunes and turn up some Jack Johnson because making banana pancakes is exactly what you should be doing. But I could never expect you to eat those plain, so grab that bag of peanut butter chips and add them to the batter.

If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe even slather some peanut butter on top. Syrup? Add that too. I promise the peanut butter won’t get mad. Here’s a recipe to get you  started.

With these 9 creative peanut butter and banana options, you can’t go wrong. Keep on combining that PB&B because we all know that it is really is so much better than PB&J. I guess the song should be changed to “peanut butter banana time.”