What is Spoon University UCLA

Bake Off?

Spoon University UCLA is hosting its annual Bake Off in the Court of Sciences on May 14th. This is a chance for all the avid bakers to compete for some amazing prizes, including some from Sur la Table and Whole Foods. Don't have access to a kitchen or maybe just like to eat baked goods? This event is perfect for you; come try the different baked goods and help us decide which ones deserve the win!

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Kaitlin Wheeler

The event is taking place from 12 pm to 2 pm to provide the sugar rush you need on a stressful Monday. There are 4 categories for bakers to enter their baked goods into: Best in Show/Most Creative, Most Aesthetic, Best After Midnight and Best Vegan. 

Why Should You Go?

2017 Spoon University UCLA Bake Off was a huge success. Many bakers blew us away with aesthetic and delicious treats, which had us scratching our heads to decide who to vote for! 

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Helena Lin

Zach Martinucci's Zach's Bread was absolutely scrumptious and was a surprising entry, which we happily stuffed into our bellies. Best in Show was Georgina Teuten’s vegan cookie butter cupcakes, which no doubt left us speechless as it covered both being vegan and being tasty. 

We are in anticipation to try the baked goods that will come out of 2018 Spoon University UCLA Bake Off. We hope to sample your innovative baked goods.

You've Convinced Me! How Do I Get Involved?

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Jocelyn Hsu

If you want to claim these prizes for your own, sign up to be a baker at the competition today! Here is the google doc link to sign up to bake. You will be sent more details about the competition soon after you sign up.

If you're just tempted by the thought of eating heavenly food, follow the Spoon University UCLA Bake Off facebook event page for more details to come and to ensure you won't miss out this amazing opportunity.