Spring Break is a time for resting, relaxation, but most importantly eating. It's a week off from the long walks to the college dining hall and eating whatever's there. Now, you simply walk downstairs to the kitchen or go to your favorite hometown restaurants. This is a week for you, where you have the power to choose whatever foods you want to eat, so use it wisely. Here are the best go-to foods to eat over Spring Break

1. Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is one of American's favorite comfort foods. It's usually one of the first, maybe only, meals college students know how to make. There's something magical about the combination of pasta covered with a warm cheesy sauce that makes it the perfect food to eat again and again over Spring Break.

2. Bagel

cheddar, bread, turkey, cheese, avocado, sandwich
Megan Storms

Bagels just taste better when you're home. With endless possibilities of types of bagels, spreads, and what fill it with, it's easy to understand why it's such a must-have over Spring Break. 

3. Sushi

While college students may not agree on everything, one thing we share is our love for sushi. The excitement we get as we see that perfect roll is priceless. No matter what rolls we may order, we all know that going for sushi over Spring Break is a must. 

4. Grilled Cheese

cheese, pastry, honey, cake, sweet, grilled cheese sandwich, pancake, bread, butter, toast
Christin Urso

There's nothing better than splitting apart a good grilled cheese and watching the cheese ooze out of it. Its a staple in American college student cuisine and perfect for just about every meal. 

5. Fruit

sweet, vegetable, juice, berry
Anna Hirschorn

You better stock up on all the fruit you can while on Spring Break because we know the struggle of finding decent fruit on campus. It's probably the most, okay only, healthy thing, on this list. Enjoy it while you can.

6. Pizza

sauce, basil, mozzarella, crust, pizza
Dana Halpern

Pizza is the one food you always know will be there for you. No matter where you are in the world, pizza will be there by your side. It's the perfect balance of warm, gooey, cheesy goodness, bread, and tomato sauce. Hot pizza (and the cold leftovers) is the best go-to food to eat all Spring Break long. 

7. Chipotle

sauce, tortilla chips, avocado, corn, salsa, guacamole
Photo courtesy of Chipotle Facebook

Let's be real, when aren't you craving Chipotle? By this age, I'm sure we all have our orders set and memorized, so you go strut into that Chipotle and get whatever you want.

8. Ice Cream

waffle, chocolate ice cream, cream, chocolate, ice, ice cream
Dana Halpern

Do calories even count over Spring Break? I mean, break is all about treating yourself, so shouldn't the same go for food? You can't go wrong with ice cream because it just makes everything feel better plus is makes the best pictures.

9. Baked Goods

chocolate cookie, pastry, cake, sweet, goody, cookie, chocolate
Danielle Kornbluh

Brownies, and cookies, and cupcakes, oh my! Not only is baking a fun break time activity, but it also creates the most delicious treats for you to eat. 

Enjoy Spring Break because will anyone actually know how much you ate?