Have you ever walked by the Chipotle on Green Street on a Friday evening? Look inside and the first thing you see is a long line winding all throughout the restaurant. Customers are always standing and waiting in between tables of those trying to enjoy their meal. And has anyone else noticed how the portion sizes here are considerably less than those in suburban Chipotles? Listen Chipotle, we’re 19-22 year olds going to a four year university and, here comes the oh-so-typical-line, “We’re a bunch of broke college kids!” Chipotle can get decently expensive in our terms so here are four sure fire ways to get more bang for your buck.

1) Order a burrito bowl (with the tortilla on the side for you burrito fans). There is more room in a bowl than in a tortilla, where ingredients must be able to fit before being wrapped up.

2) Order two different proteins at no extra cost. They give ¾ of a scoop of each and with two proteins, you are getting more of undoubtedly the best part.

3) Always ask for guacamole on the side. Guacamole is extra money anyways, so you might as well get it in the cup which they will fill up all the way. And let’s be real… we can always use some extra Chipotle guacamole. That stuff is like crack.

4) Get extra rice, pinto beans, black beans and fajita vegetables at no extra cost. This is just revving up the burrito bowl for plenty of leftovers. Two meals for the price of one, please!

chipotle mexican grill

Photo by Molly Krohe


Address: 528 E Green St., Champaign, IL

Hours of operation: Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm