New York City: home to the world’s best bagels, pizza and… ice cream? This innovative city has been the leader in food trends for as long as we can remember, so it’s no surprise that it has now redefined the way we eat cold treats.

From donut ice cream sandwiches to cones dipped in crushed Nilla wafers, your insta feed is undoubtedly full of NYC’s trendy ice cream concoctions. But where can you find these wonderful creations?

Here are the 8 best (and trendiest) ice cream shops in NYC:

1. Ample Hills Creamery

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This Hell’s Kitchen ice cream shop specializes in funky flavors, often incorporating your favorite snack foods. Pound cake ice cream? Yes please.

2. Holey Cream

How is this donut ice cream sandwich legal?

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Build your own donut ice cream sandwiches. Enough said.

3. M’O Il Gelato

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This gelato shop has been taking your insta feed by storm with its gelato panini. The authentic Italian gelato is delicious on its own, but why not have it pressed between a warm brioche bun?

4. Sprinkles

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Although Sprinkles is famous for its cupcakes, it has recently expanded and we couldn’t be happier. Try the sprinkles sundae — ice cream in between two halves of a cupcake.

5. Hay Rosie Craft Ice Cream Co.

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A Brooklyn creamery known for its “barnburners.” It’s ice cream pressed between practically anything, from warm cookie dough, Rice Krispie treats or even PB&J sandwiches.

6. Big Gay Ice Cream

Known for its soft serve ice cream, Big Gay Ice Cream features toppings such as crushed Nilla wafers and house-made dulce de leche. Plus the rainbow-clad shops and trucks are perfect backdrops for those artsy ice cream pics.

7. Sundaes and Cones

Banana + rocky road ???

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An Asian-inspired creamery with a variety of flavors, from chocolate and pumpkin to taro and green tea.

8. Ice and Vice

Ice and Vice is a self-proclaimed experimental ice cream shop. Order off its roulette menu to try pink guava or root beer flavored ice cream.

I hope these destinations will leave you with some great ice cream and a killer insta pic. Now hop on the next train to New York and get yourself some artisan ice cream; these unique treats are worth the trip.