We live in an age when almost everything can be found in digital form. This includes recipes, which are found on food blogs that function like ever-expanding cookbooks. However, as more and more food blogs are created, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are the best, and more than once I have been left disappointed with recipes of popular vegan blogs.

To make it a little easier, this list contains some of the best vegan blogs, as well as some vegan-friendly food blogs to refer to whether you're searching for a specific recipe or just want to try something new.

1. Minimalist Baker

Established in 2012 and powered by recipe creator Dana Shultz, Minimalist Baker has tons of recipes, many of which are gluten free and vegan. Unlike some other bloggers, Shultz creates all types of recipes, including a range of pancake recipes, desserts for all seasons, and savory snacks. Among her greatest creations are coconut bacon and chocolate chip oatmeal cookie pancakes

2. Making Thyme for Health

Sarah, the blogger and creator of Making Thyme for Health, comes out with new recipes all the time, many of which are vegan. Like Minimalist Baker, her site features a wide array of recipes, from cookies to veggie burgers, with one of the best being her gluten-free pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips 

3. My New Roots

Sarah B.'s specialty is out-of the box recipes that you won't find versions of elsewhere. This site is full of creative, low-ingredient creations, like her soy-free chickpea tofu, and 3-ingredient 'revolutionary' pancakes.

4. The Colorful Kitchen

Unlike the above blogs, Ilene's recipes are 100 percent vegan and she creates a lot of plant-based versions of non-vegan dishes, like mac and cheese and shepherd's pie. She also has a recipe for chickpea crust pizza, that you can top with literally anything.

5. Feasting on Fruit

Natalie's blog features tons of vegan recipes, most of which are for baked goods and sweet breakfasts. The delicious strawberry oat flour scones fall into both categories.

6. Eating Bird Food 

Most of the recipes on Eating Bird Food are vegetarian, with a large number of them being vegan as well. While she does create baked goods and breakfast recipes, Brittany's blog is set apart by the creative savory meals, like this pumpkin rice and maple tempeh recipe.

7. Happy Hearted Kitchen

Jodi Catherine Kay, the creator of Happy Hearted Kitchen, describes loving tahini, coffee, and chocolate, so it's easy to see why her recipes are so good. She's a master of homemade bread and baked goods, like sesame and sea salt brownies and spelt berry buns.

8. Fooduzzi

Alexa Peduzzi has a lot of recipes on her blog, but her numerous cookie creations are the winners. Her recipe for "The Best Damn Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies" really is the best (and that's coming from someone who has tried A LOT of recipes).

9. Paleo Running Momma

While Michele Rosen of Paleo Running Momma specializes in paleo recipes, she does have quite a few that can be enjoyed by vegans as well, most of which are desserts. These rich and fudgy triple chocolate brownies can be enjoyed by paleo and vegan eaters alike.

10. Chocolate Covered Katie

All of Katie's recipes are vegan and her blog focuses on healthy sweets and breakfast recipes, including fluffy strawberry pancakes and microwave muffins. She also explains how to make 10 different flavors of banana 'nice cream,' from cookies 'n cream to mint chocolate chip.  

11. The Big Man's World

Most of the recipes on Arman's site contain only a few ingredients and have options for those with different dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and keto. Among the many dessert and breakfast recipes, the zucchini bread pancakes are delicious and easily adaptable to what you have in the cabinet.

12. Green Kitchen Stories

Recipes aside, the food photos on Green Kitchen Stories, a vegetarian blog managed by a husband and wife, are one of a kind. When it comes to the food itself, the recipes are unique as well, like these colorful gluten-free vegetable buns

13. The Endless Meal

The Endless Meal doesn't focus solely on vegan food, but blogger Kristen does create a lot of vegetable-centric recipes. Her recipe for baked general tso's cauliflower is the vegan answer to general tso's chicken (just sub maple syrup for honey). 

14. My Darling Vegan

All of the recipes on this site are plant-based, hence the name. Sarah McMinn has lots of recipes for creamy vegan dips, both sweet and savory, but the maple cashew cream (served with pumpkin waffles) is absolutely addicting.

15. Fare Isle

Kaity, the blogger and private chef behind fare isle, creates beautiful food perfect for all meals. If you're looking for a vegan breakfast, try her banana oat buckwheat pancakes; for dinner, try the 3-ingredient sweet potato gnocchi.