Pizza is easily accessed and customized. You can do anything to a basic crust. You just gotta dream big, live a little, and anything is possible. I'm going to show you specifically why this is true. 

10. Balsamic Glaze and Literally ANYTHING ELSE

   My favorite finishing sauce on a pizza will always be a balsamic fig glaze. It’s sweet and tangy and it tastes good with anything. My ideal pizza includes a pesto base and tons of veggies. It’s so good I could cry.

9. Pineapple and Hot Sauce

   For all of you haters that think that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza, you’re wrong. Anything can be a pizza topping. Pizza is the most versatile food sent straight from the heavens. Adding a drizzle of hot sauce plays off from the sweet pineapple well.

8. Cheeseburger

   This is a relatively accepted pizza topping option according to society. This pizza includes all of the typical things that you would expect inside of a cheeseburger placed on top of a pizza crust. Which if you think about it, a pizza crust is just acting as the bun.

   This pizza can be anything you want it to be, which is really beautiful when you think about it. We're already pretty adventurous with our cheeseburger toppings, this gives us permission to put them on a crust.

7. Barbeque Sauce and Grilled Peaches

   I don’t have close experience with this one, but I do love both of these things. BBQ sauce also pairs well with chicken, arugula, and onions. Grilled peaches add a dimension of flavor to the sweet and tangy sauce.

6. Breakfast

   This is another realm of pizza that people are diving into that fascinates me. Breakfast foods are my favorite foods- why not eat them on a crust? 

   Basically, you can put all of the things you love in an omelet on top of a pizza crust. At this point, what we're really learning is we can eat all of the things we love, open face.

5. The Vermonter

   I have to go back to my roots and give a shout out to some famous Vermont flavors. Vermont is known for quality cheeses and maple syrup. Most restaurants will play on these flavors featuring apples, bacon, and caramelized onions. Savory and sweet on a garlic white sauce base. There is nothing better, trust me.

4. Taco

   Another great food, another great thing to eat on a crust. We already make taco into salad form, we are clearly okay with altering the shape of this food. Throw some meat, lettuce, tomato, red onion, Mexican cheese, a salsa of sorts and you are good. This is a very easy pizza to replicate, no excuses.

3. Thanksgiving Style

   My favorite pizza place back home has the most amazing Thanksgiving-style pizza. I love Thanksgiving foods! This pizza lets me reach for a Thanksgiving meal I can eat with one hand. It takes everything you are already used to having on the same plate, but on a crust.

   It starts with a garlic base, then cheese, mashed potatoes and stuffing. The pizza with is finished off with both a gravy and cranberry drizzle. Nothing but carbs, but clearly all flavors that go together.

2. Pierogi

   Okay, if you’ve read my article ranking my favorite fry shapes (shameless plug) then you know I appreciate the potato greatly. I think it belongs in every meal and anywhere else it wants to be. A pierogi is my ideal situation: mashed potato inside of dough.

   A pierogi pizza takes the same ingredients and morphs it into slices. A soft dough is layered with mashed potato, onions, and cheese. The goodness of a pierogi in every bite.

1. Skittles

   I don’t truly understand this one. But I heard a friend’s cousin puts skittles on her pizza. I don’t have an explanation or a reason or a recommendation for this. There's gotta be a reason she enjoys it, right? Maybe we should give it chance... in the very far future. 

The real purpose of this article is to tell you, you can put anything on pizza. If you're a little freaked out by taking a cheeseburger or a taco and spreading it on a crust, just remember, you can't taste shape.