The potato is one of the greatest gifts to mankind. The only thing better than being able to bake, mash, boil, and sauté potatoes, is being able to fry them! We have gotten quite creative in our popular fry shapes, but I'm here to tell you that there are definitely shapes that are more superior than others.

13. Steak Fries

File:Steak and fries.jpeg

Image from WikiCommons

My thoughts on this shape are simple. Too much potato and not easy to eat. I mean, what is with this thick, skateboard-looking shape?

12. Curly Fries

Curly fries

TheHungryDudes on Flickr

This one is sad for me. The curly fry is the most popular fry shape to be found in the dining commons, which means that if I want fries, I have to subject my self to the curly. My problems with curly fries is that they are so hard to eat. Sure, they look fun, but how quickly can I eat them? Right? Oh, only me? OK, that's fine. 

11. Waffle Fries

Chick-Fil-A Fries

j.reed on Flickr

I have many problems with the waffle fry. I'm confused by the shape. Why wouldn't I want the potato that is being purposely taken out to create this waffle looking shape?

They are often too crunchy, unless we're talking Chick-fil-A waffle fries. In that case, they automatically go to the top of the list. Chick-fil-A gets it right every time. Never too crunchy, and I end up not missing the potato that is purposely taken out to create the shape. 

10. Cajun Fries

File:Popeyes Cajun Battered Fries.JPG

Image from WikiCommons

Maybe, it's just because I don't like spicy things. The cajun fry is definitely not a shape I reach for when given the option. 

9. Wedge Fries

vegetable, bread, fish, meat, sweet, bamboo shoots
Jacky Falkenberg

This is definitely the part of the list where I end up getting sad. To most people, the wedge fry is great. It's kind of a fun shape with a lot of crunch and potato. To me, there's too much crunch and not a lot of flavor pay off. 

8. Belgian Fries

french fries, salt, ketchup, potato, chips, fish and chips, fries
Amelia Hitchens

Now this is a shape name that you probably don't recognize, but you definitely know what they are. A Belgian fry is more than your basic fry; think, almost a steak fry, with lot of potato for your money. This fry is lower on my list, though, because I end up overwhelmed by the amount of potato. 

7. Crinkle Cut

cheeseburger and fries

jeffreyw on Flickr

There isn't anything too great or awful about this fry shape. Its best quality is the amount of potato gets packed in this fun shape.

6. Shoestring

Blue Cheese Haystack

simmsrestaurants on Flickr

They aren't as iconic or as popular as McDonald's fries, but they still deserve some attention. I think that shoestring really fall in the middle. They are not too great, but not the worst. 

5. Sweet Potato

vegetable, pepper
Madison Shapiro

I recognize that sweet potato fries are not everyone's jam. They are not entirely a popular fry flavor. But I like that we have another fry option, if we are somehow not entertained by all of our other shapes. I also stand by the fact that sweet potato fries are best served with honey mustard. Bonus points if the honey mustard is made homemade.

4. Smiley

ketchup, vegetable
Arden Sarner

Let's reflect on our childhood for a minute. Remember these popular perfectly golden smiles that were packed with potato? Where are they now? I hope they are still smiling. 

#SpoonTip: If you don't see these in restaurants or grocery stores, you can always make them at home. 

3. McDonald's 

french fries, ketchup
Alex Frank

I understand that McDonald's fries are basically shoestring fries and could technically be looped in with that fry shape. I dare you to reconsider that McDonald's fries deserve their own recognition. They are definitely seen as a popular fry shape, and they're served in an iconic container. 

2. The Tornado

Tornado Potato Machine

TwistedChips on Flickr

Now this is a hard potato shape to find, but definitely should be the top of your list. They aren't entirely a popular fry shape, but they can be found at carnivals, fairs, and festivals. The reason that they deserve second place is due to uniqueness is shape. A tornado is served on a stick and can be topped with sour cream, cheese, and bacon. Who doesn't love food on a stick?

1. The Tater Tot

chicken, meat, sweet
Kailla Coomes

This should be obvious, but the Tater Tot is clearly the best fried potato. From what I've gathered, Tater Tots are a popular fry, even with their unique shape. They are crispy and yet have enough potato to balance it out. Another perk is that they are small and easy to pop into your mouth. 

Now, I recognize that all forms of potatoes are great. But when it comes to fries, the options are endless, and for that I am very grateful.