I’m the type of girl who can sit in the dining hall, three servings into a bowl of chocolate chips, on a regular Tuesday afternoon. Any others out there like me? Probably not, but even so, most sane people at least like chocolate chips as a topping. Here's a list of six ways to use chocolate chips to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

1. Straight Up

Just pop those babies in there. You can’t go wrong with simply eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag. From Nestle to Ghirardelli, there are so many options to explore (dark chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate, butterscotch, semi-sweet, etc.). 

2. Hot Fudge 

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Reni Forer

Before testing this out, make sure you know how to melt chocolate correctly (it's actually harder than it seems). Check out this handy article to learn how to melt chocolate in your dorm room. After that, pour the melted chips onto your favorite flavor of ice cream. Top it off with some whipped cream and you’ve got yourself a sundae.

3. Strawberries

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Sristi Pradhan

These are the perfect way to satisfy that chocolate craving in a healthy way. Just melt the chocolate, dip the berry, and refrigerate for 10-15 minutes. These are also a great homemade gift idea for friends and family.

4.  Bark

Nina Rodriguez

This new trend is fast, simple, and delicious. All you need is half a bag of chocolate chips. Then, add whatever toppings you want to the melted chocolate chips. You can't go wrong with making s'mores bark.

5. For Breakfast

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Leigh Needham

I promise, it’s good. If you’re a bit hesitant about trying this, then first add only a couple of chocolate chips to regular vanilla yogurt (or original Greek) with granola. It basically tastes like frozen yogurt with chocolate chips anyway.

You can also try sprinkling some chips onto your oatmeal. If these options aren't your style, check out this pumpkin spice chocolate chip pancake recipe. This is a fun way to get your chocolate-fix in the morning

6. As a Cupcake Filling & Topping

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Maya Giaquinta

Who wouldn’t want to bite into a moist mini cake and be surprised by chocolate chips? Make sure you let your cupcakes cool before cutting a hole on top. Then, simply pour whichever chocolate chip flavor you prefer into the cupcake. Cover with frosting, dabble on some chips, and enjoy!