The never-ending debate over whether chocolate or cheese fondue reigns supreme is finally over and, unsurprisingly, chocolate wins (stop kidding yourself cheese-lovers). But no matter how fond of chocolate fondue you are, everyone has a favorite dipper. Thanks to my dessert-loving taste-testers (you're the real heroes), I've compiled an unofficial ranking of the most popular fondue dippers. Let the debate begin.

1. Rice Krispie Treat

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Gabby Barnes

Everyone's favorite childhood snack turned out to be the perfect chocolate fondue dipper thanks to the crunch of the Krispies and gooeyness of the marshmallow. The only way to make this combination even better is by ditching the store-bought Rice Krispie Treats and making your own at home. 

2. Strawberry

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Gabby Barnes

This classic treat proves that some things should never be changed. Just like PB+J, strawberries + chocolate are the crowd-pleasing combination perfect for a romantic picnic or binge-eating while rewatching The Office (I prefer the latter).

3. Cheesecake

fondue, cream, chocolate
Gabby Barnes

If you're at a place that has cheesecake as a fondue dipper, be assured, you're in the right place. This less common, but downright delicious, dipper is sure to transform even the biggest cheesecake-hater (apparently, they exist) into its newest fan.

4. Pretzel

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Gabby Barnes

Sweet and salty is a combination that everyone can get behind for obvious reasons: it's the best of both worlds. Unsurprisingly, this fan favorite ranked pretty high on the list, because you really just can't go wrong with chocolate-covered pretzels

5. Pineapple

coffee, sweet, cream, candy, milk, chocolate
Gabby Barnes

I know what you're thinking: "Pineapple?! You monster," but obviously you haven't tried this combo yet. It might be tempting to pass up the pineapple for the arguably better strawberry, but trust me, give this a chance and you won't regret it.

6. Marshmallow    

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Gabby Barnes

Although the trusty marshmallow is considered a fan favorite, it's ranked relatively low because there are just so many better options. It's not bad, of course, but you might as well add a graham cracker to that bad boy and make it a s'more

7. Graham Cracker

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Gabby Barnes

My thought during this tasting was "Where's the marshmallow?!" As mentioned above, the best way to enjoy a graham cracker is to combine it with a marshmallow and chocolate, otherwise, don't even try to convince me on this one. 

8. Potato Chip

cake, milk, candy, sweet, cream, chocolate
Gabby Barnes

Even though we've already declared you can't go wrong with a sweet and salty combo, not all salty snacks are created equal. If you're really wanting to get on board with this combination, try using dark chocolate and add a little bit of sea salt on top of this treat to intensify the contrasting flavors. 

Now that you're craving some fondue after reading this list, go ahead and test out some of these dippers. Do you agree with the ranking?