With Valentine's Day around the corner, the pressure is on to cook your bae a meal that they will never forget. However, with a student budget, schedule, and kitchen (or lack thereof), preparing a home-cooked Valentine's Day dinner can be extremely tough. That's why I have searched far and wide across the Spoon community for 7 easy Valentine's Day dinners to make for your bae!

1. For the Pizza Lovers

Anyone is capable of picking up the phone and ordering pizza, but what about making your own pizza? Now, that will for sure impress your bae. Check out this recipe for easy homemade pizza including a dough recipe! Try making your pizza heart-shaped ... now that would be a truly romantic meal.

Tip: First date? Try not to get into the whole pineapple on pizza debate!

2. For the Ones Who Only Eat Salad

Is your bae a super healthy eater? Surprise them this Valentine's Day with a homemade salad! Take a look at this delicious salad recipe that will leave them wanting more. For extra protein, add some grilled chicken, baked salmon, or falafel balls! What an easy Valentine's Day dinner!

3. For the Taco Fans

Who doesn't love a good taco? The wonderful thing about having tacos for dinner is that your bae can assemble their own taco (less pressure for you). Also, maybe your hands will touch while grabbing for cheese, who knows? Check out this article that lists 5 different taco ideas! Too bad Valentine's Day isn't on a Tuesday 😟 

4. For the Pasta Lovers

Anyone who has seen Lady and the Tramp knows that eating pasta can be incredibly romantic, especially from the same plate! Check out this article that shares some amazing looking pasta dishes that are super easy to make! These easy and delicious Valentine's Day dishes will truly impress your bae. Prego!

5. For the Steak Lovers

If you're feeling ambitious, then this meal is for you! Truly surprise your date with an awesome steak dinner that all your roommates will be jealous of. Check out the recipe here! Grab a decently priced bottle of wine and you're good to go for a wonderful romantic evening with your bae! 

6. For the Soup Lovers

I was shocked when I found this recipe ... only 5 mins of prep and 15 mins of cooking! If your bae is always complaining about the cold, then surprise them on this cold Valentine's Day with this fresh homemade noodle soup! A super easy Valentine's Day recipe that will leave your bae feeling warm and loved.

Tip: If you can use chopsticks, make sure to show your bae how talented you are!

7. For the Vegetarians

I didn't forget about the vegetarians! Spoon University is home to so many amazing vegetarian recipes. Check here for a bunch of easy vegetarian meals that are packed with protein and love. I guarantee your plant-loving bae will be truly impressed with these meals.

And there you have it! 7 easy Valentine's Day dinners to make for your bae that won't disappoint. Hope I helped to relieve some of the Valentine's Day pressure that we all feel!

Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovebirds out there!