Toast is the perfect brunch vessel because you can literally top it with whatever your heart desires. Whether salty or sweet, these toast options will definitely amp up your brunch game. So let's talk toast, shall we? 

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast was the big hit of 2016, and you can count on it still being around this year. Other than being super easy to put together, avocado toast is classy, trendy, delicious, and creative. Top it with olive oil, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, and more! For a more breakfast-y feel, top this toast with a perfectly cooked fried egg. 

Ricotta & Honey Toast

For a tangy, sweet, and extra special start to your morning try out a ricotta & honey toast. Although not as basic as avocado toast, this new addition to many brunch menus across the globe will blow your mind. Ricotta is smooth and a little salty, which contrasts perfectly with the sweet honey. You can count on brunch lovers favoring this toast.

Prosciutto Toast

To really impress your brunch guests, whip up this fast yet sophisticated prosciutto toast. Anything from ricotta, cracked black pepper, burrata, and/or arugula pair perfectly with the saltiness of the prosciutto. As a personal favorite, I strongly recommend this beauty of a toast. 

Nutella Toast

If you don't like nutella, I don't believe you. Nutella, the creamy and delicious chocolate hazelnut spread, is a perfect accompaniment for toast. Top it with berries, granola, bananas, or chopped hazelnuts. 

Croque Madame Toast

For a quick trip to France, serve your guests an eggy & cheesy croque madame on a nicely toasted piece of bread. They'll feel as classy and sophisticated as a french chef for the rest of the day. 

Whether salty or sweet, toast is NEVER a bad idea. Enjoy any of these toast variations for a perfect brunch.