I think we can all agree that cereal was a staple of our childhood breakfasts. It was quick, easy, and with the huge range of different varieties of cereal available to us we never got bored of it. Most childhood cereals were so tasty because they're chock full of sugar, calories, and additives that made breakfast equivalent to dessert. The following cereals are a great replacement for the sugary ones of you childhood, making you look like a super responsible and healthy, happy adult. 

If your fave was Cinnamon Toast Crunch: Erewhon’s Cinnamon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal

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Lauren Kruchten

This cereal provides the perfect sweet, satisfying bowl of crunchiness to start your morning. The brown rice puffs are light and airy, with a sprinkling of cinnamon that delivers only 2 grams of sugar versus Cinnamon Toast Crunch's 9 grams. Additionally, there's only 110 calories in one cup, with only 5 of those calories from fat. And don't worry, you'll still get a tasty bowl full of cinnamon-filled milk to slurp up once you're finished. 

If your fave was Fruit Loops: Peace Cereal's Purple Corn Flakes

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Lauren Kruchten

Purple cereal? Yes, you're not colorblind. Whereas Fruit Loops uses artificial coloring to achieve their rainbow of cereal, Peace Cereal's Purple Corn Flakes get their pretty purple hue from real organic purple whole corn flour. Additionally, the cereal delivers 23 grams of whole grains and 2 grams of filling fiber per serving. With only 90 calories in 3/4 of a cup, these purple flakes are a winner for your eyes and your stomach. 

If your fave was Rice Krispies: Erewhon's Crispy Brown Rice Cereal

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Lauren Kruchten

Rice Krispies were a childhood favorite not only for breakfast, but for snacks as well, with Rice Krispie treats being the most popular item in my memory. While Rice Krispies are good and all, they pack a whooping 190mg of sodium per serving, while Erewhon's Crispy Brown Rice Cereal contains only 160mg. Erewhon's variety is also gluten, soy, dairy, and peanut free meaning it can be enjoyed by just about anyone. 

If your fave was Corn Pops: Erewhon’s Corn Flakes

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Lauren Kruchten

As a kid, I personally never chose to start my morning with Corn Pops, but if you did, Erewhon's Corn Flakes are a great replacement. They're super crunchy, providing a satisfying breakfast to munch on while getting ready in the morning. The cereal is also free of unhealthy additives, with only two ingredients: organic milled corn and sea salt, for some extra sweetness. The corn is U.S.-grown, non-GMO, and organic, so you know what you're getting is the real thing. 

Erewhon's corn flakes can also be used to create a hearty dinner, like in this cereal-crusted chicken. Corn flakes for the win. 

So next time you get a nostalgic craving for a heaping bowl of your favorite sugar-filled childhood cereal, reach for a box of one of these instead. The responsible adult part of you will thank you later. 

I received these products free of charge, however all opinions are my own.