One of the characteristics that many people have in common is love for food. Whether it be pasta or brownies, food is one thing that can bring people together from all walks of life. Recently on YouTube, there has been this trend going around called "mukbangs" and fans cannot get enough. 

What Is A Mukbang?

A mukbang is where someone sits in front of a camera and eats. Most content creators who create mukbangs tend to have large quantities of relatively unhealthy food which they dabble in over the course of the video whereas others take a spin and try healthy meal options. 

Anyone can create a mukbang and post it on YouTube, but there are some content creators who are known for their mukbangs and frequently sit down, chit chat, and eat with their audience. 

Top 5 YouTube Mukbang Stars

While there are millions of people on YouTube who have posted mukbang videos, these five content creators have racked up thousands and even millions of views on their videos making them extremely popular.

1. Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas is what many consider the mukbang originator. The food that Trisha eats in her videos ranges from mac and cheese and BBQ delights to Popeyes and Chipotle. One of Trisha's most recent mukbangs involves her having late night snack of corn and pasta where she talks about being on reality television and other events going on in her life. Trisha also makes videos with her boyfriend Jason Nash who is a fellow YouTube star. The couple can be found in Chinese food together on the floor of their house or eating noodles at a restaurant in Vegas. Trisha's videos tend to be pretty lengthy typically ranging from 20-40 minutes giving viewers a realistic conversational experience with Trisha herself.

2. Josh Peck

If you are a college student reading this right now, you probably have watched "Drake and Josh" on Nickelodeon at some point during your childhood. Josh Peck is now an Internet sensation with over 1 million subscribers who has hopped on the mukbang bandwagon. Josh has filmed several mukbang videos with different YouTube content creators including Trisha Paytas, Gabbie Hanna, Shane Dawson, David Dobrik, and Jason Nash. Josh's muckbang videos are some of my favorites because he actually talks about real life issues with most of his guests that can be related to by the audience on a larger scale. Some of the types of food Josh includes in his videos include birthday cake, Mexican cuisine, and buffalo wings. Josh's videos always have some humor in them which is great and makes them even better!

3. Denzel Dion

Denzel Dion is a newcomer to the mukbang trend, but his videos are extremely relatable and funny. Denzel usually records his mukbangs in his car where he talks about his life experiences and trending news. Denzel has posted three mukbangs so far including food from Shake ShackIn-N-Out, and Chick-Fil-A. Denzel is hilarious and speaks the truth about any subject which makes it even more enjoyable to watch. Make sure you put an hour to the side to watch all three of his mukbangs because you don't want to miss them!