I was walking around near my doctor's office after my appointment one day and I came across Brother Jimmy's BBQ. This restaurant instantly caught my attention because I love BBQ and southern comfort food, so I thought this could be the place for me. I looked at the menu posted on the window outside of the restaurant and saw foods like mac and cheese and fried Oreo's and I decided to go in. 

Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted by a friendly hostess who directed me towards my seat. I sat down and opened the menu and read about the different appetizer and entree options I had to choose from.


The appetizers looked appealing, but I wanted to be hungry for my entrée so I decided to refrain. Below are some of the different appetizers you can order ranging from "classic chicken tenders" to "hush puppies" that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Chicken Tenders are a favorite of both children and adults alike and can be ordered as an appetizer at Brother Jimmy's BBQ. They can be ordered as original w/honey mustard dressing, Buffalo w/blue cheese dressing, Chipotle w/ranch dressing , Nashville Hot w/ pickle aioli, Pecan Bourbon W/ Ranch dressing, or Stickey Maple Mustard w/ ranch dressing. 

Humongous Nachos can be ordered as a starter, and a nacho lover like me will be in heaven. These Humongous Nachos are composed of chips, BBQ beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and guacamole as well as your choice of pulled pork, pulled chicken or vegetables. 

Main Plates

As an entree or main plate, Brother Jimmy's BBQ has a wide array of options including sliders, tacos, grilled flatbreads, salads, southern fried BBQ, BBQ sandwiches, sandwiches, and burgers.

These BBQ Mini Sliders are essentially heaven on a bun. You have a choice of having these sliders with either pulled pork, pulled chicken, or smoked brisket. These sliders melt in your mouth and taste great with a side order of macaroni and cheese or tater tots. 

This is an order of Northern Style Ribs with a side of corn bread, corn, and spiced string beans. The ribs are juicy and slide right off the bone. The cornbread is buttery and fluffy just as it should be and pairs well with the ribs. The corn and green beans taste great with the ribs and are refreshing. 

Make sure you have some napkins and wet towels handy at your table because you are sure to have a mess after you are done eating this!

This is my personal favorite dish from Brother Jimmy's BBQ and it is the their 1/2 BBQ chicken. This chicken is juicy, sweet, and cooked to perfected. The macaroni and cheese that can be ordered on the side is gooey, cheesy, and crispy just like it is down in the South. 

Side Orders 

They also have sides that come with most meals that include cole slaw, tater tots, mashed potatoes, french fries, corn bread, fried brussel sprouts, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, BBQ baked beans with pulled pork, corn on the cob, and spiced string beans. 


When I go out to eat, my favorite part of the meal by far is dessert. I love cookies, chocolate, brownies, ice cream, and basically anything else sugary. When looking at the dessert menu at Brother Jimmy's BBQ, I was particularly intrigued by the fried Oreo's and the ol' fashioned banana pudding. 

Okay, Oreo's are one of my favorite store-bought-cookies and Brother Jimmy's BBQ knows how to make tasty fried Oreo's. I thought I was at a carnival or street fair when I bit into one,because they were so crispy and warm. They are served covered in powdered sugar and inside of a white paper bag adding even more of the authentic southern feel to them. 

I am not a huge fan of banana's or pudding so I cannot personally speak about my experience with the ol' fashioned banana pudding, but my friend who ordered this said that it was delicious. The bananas and the pudding meshed well together and the whipped cream was the perfect addition according to my friend, who said this was one of the best banana puddings she has had in her life.

Final Thoughts

Brother Jimmy's BBQ takes you down to the South with its authentic decor and food. The restaurant has that southern charm to it that makes you feel warm and cozy while you eat delicious BBQ and comfort food that everyone knows and loves. If you have the chance to eat at Brother Jimmy's BBQ, I highly recommend it because not only are the portions huge and the staff extremely friendly, but the food will transport your palate to another dimension where it has never gone before!