If you ever happen to find yourself in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, or Texas with a grumbling stomach, your immediate priority should be getting yourself to the nearest In-N-Out. Once you take a big ol' bite of your burger, there will be no doubt in your mind that you have found your newest (and tastiest) obsession. There are plenty of reasons why In-N-Out is totally worth your time (and money).

1. It Won't Break the Bank

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Caroline Ingalls

In-N-Out is affordable — like really affordable. Compared to competitors, it definitely takes the win in this category. Though prices vary a little from place to place, they're still much lower than other fast food joints. A classic hamburger costs on average $2.10, while Whataburger is about a buck more. Five Guys and Shake Shack are about three times more. I'll stick with the two dollars.

Some other options are the cheeseburger at $2.40, the Double-Double at $3.45 and the necessary french fries at a measly $1.60. You could easily feed two people for under ten bucks.

2. The Menu Is So Simple

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Caroline Ingalls

I don't know about you, but whenever I go out to eat, I take one look at the menu and I suddenly become incapable of making a decision on what to eat. Luckily for me and everyone out there with the same problem, In-N-Out's displayed menu has only four options.

The burger has evolved over the years, but In-N-Out never fails to deliver a meal that is both classic and effortless. They've been succeeding with that since they first opened in 1948.

3. The Ingredients Are Always Fresh

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Alex Frank

Despite the price being totally affordable, In-N-Out doesn't cut corners on the ingredients they use. Their beef patties are free of additives, fillers and preservatives and the fries are equally as fresh. In fact, every store location receives shipments of potatoes that are individually cut right in the store. I've watched employees press potatoes through the cutting grid right in front of me.

There is such a huge emphasis on knowing where your food comes from and what is added to it. If you're going to be eating fast food anyway, at least In-N-Out is open about the origins of their ingredients.

4. Your Dietary Restrictions Are Covered

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Elisa Djuhar

This flexibility is one of my favorite things about In-N-Out. Whether you're gluten-free or a vegetarian, the employees are happy to omit whichever ingredient is preventing you from being a satisfied customer. 

I can actually vouch for the quality of these tweaked burgers. My dad doesn't eat red meat so he ordered a "grilled cheese" aka, a cheeseburger without the actual beef patty. We accidentally swapped meals and I was halfway through his burger before I realized there was no meat in it. The other ingredients are so tasty that you don't even notice one is missing.

5. The Secret Menu Is Life Changing

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Catherine Willey

Now the reason I said there were only four items on the displayed menu is because In-N-Out also has a not-so-secret menu. In addition to the better known alternative options, fans have figured out even more combos to try out.

The most classic hack? Animal Style. By ordering your burger or fries this way, you receive the mouthwatering addition of grilled onions and their secret sauce. The sauce receives so much love that you can ask for extra packets of it. Too afraid to try these options? At least opt for the grilled onions instead of raw because it's a game-changer.

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Alex Frank

I have been truly lucky to be a frequent customer at In-N-Out over the years. Not gonna lie, the close distance of an In-N-Out to the campus of one of my final three college options almost swayed me. Unfortunately, I now have to settle for month-long withdrawals until breaks.

To those who have never been to In-N-Out, please do yourself a favor and make it a priority. And to those who are blessed enough to have one nearby, don't take it for granted.