Bad Daddy's Burger Bar made its Norman debut on Aug. 28, and ever since I've been skeptical to try it. A chain burger restaurant? I've seen those before. I regret my reluctance because I was captivated by the uniqueness of this restaurant and its food. Bad Daddy's was well-staffed and all the employees were eager to serve. The environment is modernly rustic, clean and comfortable. Also, the food was delivered SO fast (like, we had each item on our table within 10 minutes ordering even though it was pretty busy). Getting to the point: You've got to try this place. I had the opportunity to taste several items on the menu, and here are my top recommendations: 

Bad Daddy's Amber Ale

espresso, ale, coffee, stout, beer
Sami Canavan

Here's something pretty unique that not many other burger bars can claim: Bad Daddy's has its own, signature beer. This dark in color, medium in body and very refreshing ale is brewed at Full Sail Brewing Company in Hood River, Oregon. The hoppy finish is apparent, but it's definitely not overkill. It's one of those dark beers you can drink several of. Definitely give it a try if you're into unique beers!

Daddy's Nachos

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Sami Canavan

Daddy's Nachos are a hearty pile of Mexican and barbecue goodness. They're topped with Bad Daddy's Amber Ale Queso and Daddy's Chili - two menu items that are full of bold, quality flavors. Our waiter told us Bad Daddy's management takes Daddy's Chili very seriously. If the flavor isn't just right, they won't serve it. I'm a big fan of the chili and these nachos. 

Magic Mushroom

french fries, chips, cheese
Sami Canavan

This. Burger.

Four different types of mushrooms, melty Swiss cheese and creamy truffle aioli. Nuff said. 

Western Buffalo

potato, sweet, sweet potato
Sami Canavan

The Western Buffalo burger is THE BEST, most succulent burger at Bad Daddy's (maybe even in Norman). Yes, it's made with buffalo meat. And yes, it's incredible. You can tell this burger is high quality because the meat is so juicy and tender. The Monterey Jack cheese, fried onion straws and barbecue sauce jam pack this burger with even more flavor (I've tried seven Bad Daddy's burgers, and this truly was the best of all).

#SpoonTip: Make sure to get this burger cooked a temperature below what you usually order because the meat is so lean.


The Sweet Potato Fries and Tater Tots were my favorite sides. I didn't get a chance to try the Housemade Potato Chips, but a reliable source tells me they're crispy, greasy and super tasty, too!

Don't Forget Dessert

milkshake, sweet, ice, milk
Sami Canavan

The BD Snickered (Snicker's milkshake) and Banana Pudding are both delectable choices that will satisfy any sugar craving after this savory meal. The Snicker's milkshake combines the satisfying qualities of a Snicker's bar with the creaminess of rich ice cream. The Banana Pudding ... it might be better than your mom's.

The Ultimate Recommendation

My greatest recommendation is to simply try this place. I was very impressed with Bad Daddy's Burger Bar and I will be back next time I'm in need of a greasy, satisfying meal in a clean, comfortable and friendly environment!