Every year on Valentine's Day, couples, friends, and loved ones flock to the best restaurants to celebrate the season of love. Billions of dollars are spent on this holiday, and it ends up being one of the busiest days for restaurants. While this year looks a lot different for many people, LA just reopened outdoor dining which is a great (and safe) way to say "I love you". Lady Byrd Café in Echo Park has one of the most unique patio set-ups in LA that is sure to take both you and your Valentine's breathe away. 

Lady Byrd Café became widely known when they began offering socially distanced eating in greenhouses. These small greenhouses went viral on TikTok as they were the perfect place for a photo op. While Lady Byrd is famous for their one of a kind patio set-up, they are also known for their amazing food. Their dishes taste incredibly fresh and are perfect for any occasion, especially Valentines day.

When I visited the greenhouses at Lady Byrd Café with my galantine's dates, my heart was stolen by this amazing dining experience. The restaurant has such a wide variety of food, and because everything looks so delicious, it is incredibly difficult to make a decision. To avoid having to choose an item, my dates and I decided to spit our dishes.

Brioche French Toast 

Olivia Cervantes Llamas

First up was the French Toast. This breakfast classic was made with fluffy brioche bread and was topped with honey cream, fresh strawberries, and maple syrup. The presentation alone was enough to make me fall in love. This dish was perfectly sweet and is made for anyone who wants a comforting brunch.  

Soy-rizo Breakfast Burrito

Olivia Cervantes Llamas

Up next was the soyrizo breakfast burrito. This dish had all of the aspects of the perfect breakfast burrito: eggs, cheese, potatoes, and "chorizo." But instead of actual meat, it is made of soy! This was an amazing item for any vegetarian that wants to experience the joys of a chorizo breakfast burrito. This burrito is the key to any vegetarian's heart. Order them this breakfast burrito and they will be yours forever. 

Vegan Sausage Bowl 

Olivia Cervantes Llamas

Brunch can be a meal that makes you feel good on the outside. This next item is for those who want to incorporate some greens into their weekend. This vegan sausage bowl includes vegan sausage, grilled vegetables, cauliflower rice, and a spicy tahini dressing and is a perfect way to fuel your day. If you are vegan (and even if your not), this dish is for you.  

Olivia Cervantes Llamas

Not only was the food amazing, but the coffee was the perfect addition to this meal. The wait staff is also incredibly kind and friendly, making the experience all the more incredible. 

Whether you are spending Valentine's Day with your gal pals, your family, or with a date, planning a special and safe outdoor meal is the perfect way to show off your love. Take your special someone to Lady Byrd Café this weekend for Valentine's Day! Trust me, they are sure to fall in love with it and you.