We all know the best way to judge a candidate is by their food choices. Culinary preferences can reveal a lot about these candidates and what they stand for. After extensive research, the following restaurants have been selected to shed light on each of these candidate’s most important qualities.

So read up people, because if you’re between two candidates and one of them is matched up with your favorite C’ville spot, I think you’ll know how to vote.

Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders  


Photo courtesy of Revolutionary Soup

Revolutionary Soup

While Bernie certainly has revolutionary ideas, Rev Soup’s campaign to support local is something this candidate would surely stand for. Rev Soup is full of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, which many of Sanders’ supporters would enjoy.

Republican Candidate Donald Trump 


Photo by Juliet Patarek

Christian’s Pizza

Donald Trump is all about the go-big-or-go-home motto and likes anything American. Christian’s pizza slices might just be large enough for this candidate… and his ego. Want to make America great again? Hit up Christian’s for your next slice, but don’t vote for Trump.

Republican Candidate Ted Cruz


Photo by Mia Oh


At Qdoba, you know what you’re getting, but you’re not always sure about the quality of what you’re getting. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad… similar to the things that come out of Ted Cruz’s mouth.

Republican Candidate Marco Rubio 


Photo courtesy of Trinity Irish Pub

Trinity Irish Pub

Rubio is a guy’s guy, and Trin is the ideal place to drink a pint with your fraternity brothers. Classic American food, lots of drink specials and a whole lotta guy talk… this candidate would definitely approve.

Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton 


Photo courtesy of Roots Natural Kitchen

Roots Natural Kitchen

Both Hillary and Roots are all about appealing to the masses. Whether you want a salad to maintain that spring break bod or the El Jefe cuz it’s bulking season, Roots has ya covered. Hillary’s platform is aimed to satisfy Democrats and (some) Republicans alike, just as Roots is willing to customize any and every meal to your liking.

Republican Candidate John Kasich 


Photo by Hunter Timm

The Virginian

Kasich is a classic, middle-of-the-road candidate. He doesn’t go for the extremes, which is why the Virginian is the perfect option. Whether you’re having a business meeting or a birthday dinner, The Virginian is the ideal middle-ground meeting spot. Just don’t forget to order the mac ‘n cheese.

Now that you know everything you need to know about our presidential candidates, go out there and vote. More importantly, go treat yourself to a good meal on the corner.