Every month, our club members go out to a local DMV area restaurant together to try new foods, chat about life and Spoon University, and take a break from focusing on content. However, we can't go anywhere without talking about it, especially when it's good. In February, our club members tried out Le Fantome Food Hall in Riverdale, MD, and tried some food from the variety of vendors they had. Here is what some of our members had to say about their dinners.

Alex Sherwin - Sushi, Beignets and Drinks

Hanna Zakharenko

I ordered the rainbow roll from Horu Sushi Kitchen and beignets from Sonny and Sons. I also ordered the planter’s punch from the bar. The rainbow roll had fresh sashimi on top and imitation crab in the middle, which I haven’t seen too often. It was good overall but left a bit to be desired at the price point of $17 for the roll. The beignets were fresh and tasty, but my knock on it would be that there was a tad too much powdered sugar on top. My planter’s punch was very fruity and tasty but was a bit boozy.

Mary Lorenz - Ramen and Cupcakes 

Hanna Zakharenko

For my dinner, I had ramen from Horu Sushi Kitchen. The serving was huge and very filling. I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen, which included chashu pork, mushroom, scallions, and bamboo shoots (I ordered it without the egg, but that is also usually included). The pork was delicious and paired perfectly with the noodles. Then, for dessert, I ordered a red velvet cupcake from Mr. Bake. Their cupcakes are not very big, which I actually liked, because I had a fairly big dinner. The amount of cream cheese icing was perfect for the size of the cupcake, and the cake itself was not dry at all. Overall, I would recommend both Horu and Mr. Bake, and will hopefully be back soon!

Hanna - BBQ Mac and Cheese

Hanna Zakharenko

I was craving mac and cheese (as I do about three nights a week but rarely indulge) and decided to order the Chopped Texas Brisket Loaded Mac & Cheese from Money Muscle BBQ. The picture they had on their website for this dish looked massive, and the portion looked significantly smaller in the container they served it in. However, this was incredibly deceiving and the portion was very filling and left me with some leftover. The mac and cheese had a decadent and creamy cheese sauce that covered a noodle I've genuinely never seen or tried before, but loved the curly shape of. The brisket was flavorful and tender, and the salty BBQ rub really helped to cut some of the fat from the cheese. All-in-all, this dish was a hearty, delicious filling meal for only $12.