Want Italian for Dinner?

Looking for a new, great and local restaurant? Il Pellicano is your place! Located in downtown Fairfield, right on Post Road, Il Pellicano is not only convenient, it is delicious and has something that everyone will love. 

Grace Baker

What We Got: 

Il Pellicano has too many great options to pick just one or two things - so we tried a bunch! We started off with the olive oil flight where we got to try three different olive oils. We put them on delicious warm bread in order to differentiate all of the flavors in each oil. Additionally, each oil came with a card that described what flavors you should be tasting which helped us notice the subtle differences between them. Out of the three oils, I liked the Coratina the best, but the other two Spoon members who joined me liked the Nocellara the best!

Grace Baker


After that, we went into appetizer heaven and got three to taste. We got the Suppli di Riso Funghi, Ciliegine Caprese, and the Bruschetta Carciofo. The Suppli di Riso Funghi is a rice ball filled with mozzarella, truffle, and pistachio. Not only was this warm and cheesy, but it was also much more flavorful than a simple arancini. The Ciliegine Caprese had heirloom tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella, and balsamic pearls. I had never had balsamic pearls before but loved them in the dish because the balsamic did not overpower the dish, but still made it a little different than other Caprese salads I've had before. Lastly, the Bruschetta Carciofo was bread topped with stracciatella, artichoke, tomato confit, nasturtium, and garlic. This appetizer was delicious. I wouldn't have normally ordered it, but it's now an item I would definitely get again!

Grace Baker

Main Course 

For the main course, we got to try three things off the menu. We had the carbonara, the scampi, and the cedar plank salmon. Unsurprisingly, these were all fantastic. Carbonara is one of my favorite pasta dishes, but this carbonara from outdid my expectations. It was flavorful and decadent without being too heavy. Similarly, the scampi was great. It was topped with a couple pieces of flavorful shrimp which tasted great over the pasta. Lastly, the salmon was served on a cedar plank with cauliflower and onion. It was a great meal to break up all of the pasta and bread that we had been eating.

Grace Baker


Last but certainly not least, we got to my favorite meal - dessert. We tried two different options, the lemon cake which was topped with whipped cream and blackberries and a mini cheesecake which was served with fruit and a scoop of sorbet. Both of these options were so tasty and a fantastic way to end such an incredible dinner.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, our dinner at Il Pellicano was a huge success and we would recommend it to anyone who wants to go out for a celebration or even just a nice dinner out!