Disneyland is already a dream come true, but what makes it even better is that every Disney goes extra with the food. Here are the different types of Disneyland foods found at different parks across the world.



Mickey-Shaped Cookies

Ratatouille at Bistrot Chez Remy

Gelato at Fantasia Gelati


Candy Apple

Turkey Leg

Clam Chowder and Lobster Mac 'n Cheese Hot Dog at Harbour Galley


Hong Kong

Disney Character-Inspired Dim Sum

Iron Man Burger from the Iron Man Experience ride (found only in Hong Kong)

Duffy and Friends Cupcakes

Bubble Waffle

Hong Kong Disneyland is known for their local delicacies ranging from dim sum to dry squid snacks to bubble waffles.


Rice Bowls

Little Green Men Mochi

Mickey-Shaped Nuggets

Mike's Melon Bread


Dole Whip

Rice Krispies

Breakfast Cone

Ice Cream Kitchen Sink

BRB, going to eat all of these right now!