Ice cream sandwiches are arguably the best summer treat. This classic dessert has been cooling down children for generations, is the perfect on-the-go dessert, and has chocolate and vanilla in every single bite. What better way to show our love and appreciation for ice cream sandwiches than an official ranking of our favorite ice cream sandwich brands.

Based on our own favorite brands from our childhood, what the opinionated internet believes, and some fresh faces that have entered the competition, we scored lots of ice cream sandwich brands to find the best ones. So, before the end of summer is officially upon us, here are the best ice cream sandwiches you need to try (if you haven’t already).

1. FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwich

When you search ice cream sandwiches on Google, Fatboy is the first brand to pop up. It is one of the most classic ice cream sandwiches with its thick layer of smooth vanilla ice cream between two soft chocolate cookies. We recommend this brand if you specifically enjoy a high ratio of ice cream to a much lower ratio of cookie.

Photo via FatBoy

2. Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Sandwich

The classic Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Sandwich is creamy vanilla ice cream between two chewy chocolate chip cookies rolled in mini chocolate chips. This is one of our favorite ice cream sandwiches and a purchase we frequently make when at Trader Joe’s. It is the perfect size, and every bite has the perfect ratio of ice cream, cookie, and chocolate.

Photo via Trader Joe's   

3. Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich 

Oreo decided to expand from its famous cookie and step into the world of frozen dessert. Its ice cream sandwich has cookies & cream ice cream between two Oreo cookies. If you are looking for something with a little more oomph than plain vanilla ice cream, this ice cream sandwich is the perfect choice.

Photo via Oreo   

4. M&M Ice Cream Sandwich

Similar to Oreo, M&M wanted to get into the action as well. It has a variety of flavors with its most popular being vanilla ice cream between two M&M sugar cookies. Other flavors include chocolate, mint, and cookies and cream. All the reviews on Amazon rave about these sandwiches, especially for young kids.

Photo via M&M's   

5. Yasso Mint Ice Cream Sandwich

Any store brand mint ice cream sandwich is going to taste delicious. It is the same as the classic Fatboy ice cream sandwich, however, instead of vanilla ice cream, there is mint ice cream between the two chocolate cookies. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of vanilla, I tend to go for this kind of ice cream sandwich because it is a great flavor combination and, in my opinion, is a little more exciting than the classic.

Photo via Yasso

6. Good Humor Chipwich

You can find the Good Humor Chipwich in any grocery store or ice cream truck. As a kid, these were our personal favorite. The chocolate chip cookie was crunchy with the mini chocolate chips on the outside of the sandwich. These are a bit smaller than the Trader Joe’s ice cream sandwich, perfect if you are looking for just a small treat.

Photo via Good Humor   

7. Klondike Ice Cream Sandwich

There are nothing but rave reviews for the Klondike Ice Cream Sandwich. Originally known for its vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate dip, Klondike uses its classic vanilla ice cream between two chewy chocolate-cake wafers for the perfect chocolate-vanilla flavor.

Photo via Klondike   

8. Trader Joe’s Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Currently, Trader Joe’s makes two different kinds of mini ice cream sandwiches, along with its classic chipwich. One uses fresh mint ice cream between two Oreo-like cookies, and the other uses mini stroopwafel cookies with a layer of salted caramel ice cream in between. These are great because they are the perfect size for snacking and use flavors often untraditional for ice cream sandwiches.

Photo via Trader Joe's

9. Tillamook Ice Cream Sandwiches

One of Tillamook’s best qualities is the variety of flavors it offers including vanilla bean, chocolate, strawberry, salted caramel, and mint. You can buy them off the website, as well as at Target for around $6. While this product is delicious, some people feel that the size of the sandwich isn’t worth the cost. However, many people enjoy the product because of its unique use of two cone pieces to sandwich the ice cream rather than a cookie. 

Photo via Tillamook