Everybody loves chocolate, and everybody loves looking at pretty things.  Why not combine the two and try infusion chocolate?  Infusion Chocolates, located at 2503 Monroe Street in Madison, WI, has done just that with their heavenly chocolate truffles.


Infusion Chocolates opened in 2008. It was originally based in Hilldale Mall and expanded as a result of their major success on the dessert menu of a restaurant. After nine years, the team realized their space was too small, leading them to the Monroe St. community. Their business model is plain and simple: making and selling  chocolate out of one location.  


Infusion Chocolates is known to have some of the most exotically flavored truffles known to man, such as Caribbean Fire and Pomegranate-Malbec, but they also pride themselves on having something for everyone.  

Flavor ideas come from both tradition and food trends around the country and globe. Infusion Chocolates mostly focuses on other countries as well as the coasts, especially California and New York.

Exotic Caramel 

The most popular flavor is the Exotic Caramel truffle. Covered in a milk chocolate shell, the Exotic Caramel truffle is filled with a rich blend of liquid caramel and mango passionfruit puree – a mouthwatering combo that instantly melts in your mouth.

Not surprisingly, it’s the store’s trademark. People are known to come back that same day in the rare event that they ran out earlier. 

Something For Everyone

If a foodie walked in, the Head Chocolatier would suggest the Szechuan Peppercorn: a numbing peppercorn infused with dark chocolate ganache and wrapped in bittersweet chocolate.

There is also the Fromage de Bleu: blue cheese mixed with tastes of pear and fig balsamic vinegar infused in milk chocolate ganache and toasted nut garnish.

The Fig and Fennel is another crowd-pleaser. It is dark chocolate covered home-made fig jam infused with savory fennel over leatherwood honey ganache.

Simple Chocolate Lover

If a customer was intimidated by the exotic fruits and flavors, there is a variety of other strictly chocolate items. Pictured above is the Vanilla Crème Brûlée truffle. It has Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans infused into a crème ganache with a traditional brûlée crunch layered on top, all enclosed in dark chocolate.  

Then, there is the Tiramisu truffle with roasted espresso infused into dark chocolate ganache, layered with mascarpone crème, and covered with milk chocolate. 

Seasonal Flavors

Infusion Chocolate also goes along with whatever season or holiday is coming up and creates signature seasonal truffles.  Pictured above is the Gingersnap truffle that rolls around during Christmas time.  It is a spicy ginger ganache with a sugar snap encased with rich, creamy milk chocolate.  

The Hazelnut Praline is also popular around the winter holidays, with its caramelized hazelnuts and home-made gianduja wrapped in milk chocolate. There is a classic Peppermint truffle as well, with herbal peppermint infused into a bittersweet ganache and wrapped in dark chocolate.

Valentine’s Day

I would dare to say that Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday for chocolates. Infusion Chocolates goes crazy with creating heart shaped truffles of different flavors, colors, shapes, and designs.  One of their traditions is putting together a box of eight heart-shaped truffles with a flavor of cherry almond and smoky salted caramel wrapped in dark chocolate

A Piece of Art

How is it possible to make something edible look this good? Infusion Chocolates has perfected their technique using colored coco butter for the brilliant glossy pigment of the truffles. Each truffle is hand-painted – which you can definitely tell from the intricacy and originality of each and every piece.  

What is the Secret Ingredient?

The Head Chocolatier uses one of the most expensive chocolates in the world. It’s ordered from the Swiss chocolate company Felchlin. This chocolate is well worth it not only because of its mouth-watering taste, but because Felchlin ensures that their farms and farmers are taken care of.

Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate 

All in all, Infusion Chocolates is a locally-owned chocolate shop that doesn’t make truffles only to give people chocolate, but to enhance their experience with the art, design, ingredients, and surprising twists that come along with each flavor.  

If there is anywhere you should go on Monroe St., I would 1000/10 recommend Infusion Chocolates. You will have one of the most unique and awe-inspiring experiences seeing what this team of chocolatiers can do.