Nothin' can stop 'em. They're all the way UP! On October 10th, Salads UP, a local, Ann Arbor business started by two Michigan alum (#goblue), opened its second restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. By doing so, Salads UP is achieving its goal of  providing a healthy, quick food option for as many college students as possible. So, on behalf of all of us here at Spoon Michigan, I'd like to say CONGRATS, Salads UP! You're killin' it, and we're so proud.

What makes Salads UP so unique?

Kelly Ho

The restaurant, which specializes in make your own salads and wraps, can easily be loved by any foodie. You can choose to order a signature salad like the Saddle Up (romaine, onion, roasted chicken, jalapeño, corn, white cheddar, black beans, and tortilla strips with chipotle ranch) or the Fresh Prince (romaine, cucumber, carrots, edamame, cranberries, apples, and avocado with carrot ginger dressing).

If you'd rather see your artistic visions come alive, you can create a Mix It Up salad. Choose between romaine, arugula, kale, or spinach, pick some veggies and fruit, add some protein and/or cheese, and top it off with a homemade dressing.
vegetable, salad, spinach, lettuce
Kelly Ho
Either way, you're going to love what you eat and feel good about yourself.  Rather than consuming greasy dining hall pizza and ten Mojo chocolate chip cookies, you're filling your body with real, nutritious food. Yay! So, to all of our friends out west in Wisconsin, enjoy your Salads UP. It's really delicious — we promise. Just remember, we may both have Salads UP now, but we still beat you in football this year. Go blue.

To Salads UP, congratulations again, and best of luck with the new restaurant. Keep doin' you because you're awesome. I can't wait to watch you continue to spread the lettuce and love from Michigan to Wisconsin and beyond.