The Appeal and History of Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen has been taking over the salad game throughout the country. Ann Arbor recently got its first two locations; one on State St and one in Arbor Hills. Outside of Ann Arbor, Sweetgreen is focused on expanding in Minnesota, Indiana, and other Michigan towns. 

Sweetgreen was built by three college roommates who came up with the idea during their senior year at Georgetown. They opened up a small shop in a burger joint in DC right out of college. Since then, Sweetgreen has exploded around the country. 

Sweetgreen focuses on fresh and local goods. Throughout the country, if you were to stop at different Sweetgreens, you would notice different fresh ingredients. In Ann Arbor, many of the produce comes from Michigan farmers and producers. 

At Sweetgreen locations and in the corporate world, they focus on creating a home like environment. When you step into the building, you are welcomed and felt like a part of their community. 

With two locations in Ann Arbor, the opening team at Sweetgreen has focused on marketing their mission to Michigan students. At both of the locations, they held sampling days prior to the official opening days. Customers were able to stop in and try a salad for free. At the State Street opening, lines were out the door. Sweetgreen has also partnered Michigan food influencers to continue to spread the message. Sweetgreen hopes to continue to partner with Ann Arbor staples and make its way to becoming a community spot. 

The Delicious and Fresh Menu

Lindsey Smith

Sweetgreen gives customers the option to make their own bowl or to simply choose one of their classics. Their bestsellers include the harvest bowl and kale caesar. During each season they also add unique bowls and ingredient options. Currently, for spring, they are featuring a spring asparagus salad and hummus crunch bowl. 

Sweetgreen often partners with other fresh ingredient businesses to bring their ingredients to your bowls. They currently have Little Sesame hummus on menu and in New York, Bowery lettuce. 

One main goal of Sweetgreen right now is to lower their carbon emissions. On their online menu, you will find earth friendly favorites.

At our event at SG Arbor Hills, our members tried some of their pre made bowls and also came up with their own delicious creations. Among our members, we found out that the pesto vinaigrette dressing is a favorite and we also all love the harvest bowl!

Sweetgreen has been an amazing and addicting addition to the Ann Arbor community. The State St location seems to have a lengthy line every time we walk past it, for a good reason. We can't wait to see what else is in store for Sweetgreen and try their upcoming summer bowls!