In April 2022, Spritz Society announced an unconventional flavor as an April Fool's prank: sour pickle. Rather than disgust, the joke was met with intrigue and requests for the peculiar flavor from the beloved wine company — more typically known for their sweet, fruity spritzes. The prank has become reality, and Claussen pickles is teaming up with Spritz Society to create a first-of-its kind pickle flavored sparkling wine cocktail that’s perfect for summer BBQs and pool parties.

Anyone who has ever eaten with me knows that I love pickles — I always have a Costco gallon container of Grillo’s in my fridge, and I’m the designated recipient of unwanted side pickles when out at restaurants with friends. Plus, I’m 100% convinced that it’s the summer of spritzes, so Spritz Society and Claussen’s collab was right up my alley.

Kennedy Dierks

What does the Pickle Spritz taste like?

As soon as I cracked open the 8.5-ounce can (the perfect size for a canned cocktail, IMO), I got a whiff of pickle juice. There’s absolutely no mistaking the flavor of this wine-based cocktail — it is, without a doubt, pickle wine. Given the strong scent, I’m not sure why I was surprised when I took my first sip and was immediately hit with the briny, savory flavor of pickles.

The pickle juice, though, didn’t drown out the wine. In fact, the flavors balanced nicely, creating a spritz that was crisp, zippy, and refreshing, with a nice briny kick. Imagine the ratios of a mimosa, but instead of orange juice, pickle juice and prosecco creates a savory profile — almost like that of a dirty martini. The Pickle Spritz’s vegetable and pickle flavors brings a tangy, tart twist to a canned wine with a modest 6% ABV that doesn’t overpower the cocktail’s unique flavors.

Kennedy Dierks

Is the Pickle Spritz good?

If you like pickles, you might just love the unique flavor of Claussen and Spritz Society’s Pickle Spritz. The pickle flavor is definitely the star of the show and clearly identifiable, but it works well with the wine’s flavors to create a well-balanced cocktail that is both sweet and sour, and tart and tangy. It’s unexpected, unique, and refreshing, making for a captivating canned cocktail that may be my new go-to drink of the summer.

The Pickle Spritz — which is only available on Spritz Society’s website — is already sold out. These sought-after spritzes are available in quantities of two four-packs, priced reasonably at $50 — and they’re only available while supplies last, so check back soon for a restock.